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Ah I feel happy today – I just ordered myself a pair of Vans Nintendo Super Mario’s and that makes me happy. I’m imagining how the happy walking I’ll do in those will take me to happy places where people point and say ‘Wow, great Vans!’ and the like.

Thom and I watched ‘Cell’ last night, a film due out on limited release in the next month or so, but available on video demand about now. I wanted to watch it because it had a good cast (John Cusack, Samuel L Jackson) and because it was based on the novel by Stephen King, of whom I am a significant fan.

We were a little disappointed. The general standard of films based on King books isn’t great to be honest and I think I know why. King’s books are long, very long. He takes a while to build up your interest in a character and for you to ‘bond’ with them. People who think that his books are simply horror would be vastly mistaken. They are far from it. He creates characters you empathise with and relate to and then puts them through some shit – so you, of course, go with them. The shit does not spout forth without warning… except in the films of the books which are usually changed beyond all recognition, to make them more ‘actiony’ and easily packaged. So yeah, this movie even had a different ending to the book – no spoilers here in case you decide to watch it, but… I’m afraid a measly 4/10 from the Meri jury for the film, but a decent and worth reading 7.5/10 for the book.

(Any Stephen King fans here should note that the exception to the rule of not televising Stephen King books lies in 22.11.63, of which a series was made based upon the (10/10) book. It is a series starring James Franco and it was excellent, I thought – Stephen King was one of the Producers so maybe that is something to do with why).

So back to second reality!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Baja Cove
Fence | Glitterati Fence, prev gift, try (Glitterati Marketplace)
Necklace | !APHORISM! Antique Necklace Tigers Eye, prev rare Gacha (you might find one resale on Marketplace)
Bracelet | LUXE. Jungle Beads Teal (Luxe. Marketplace)
Nosering | [Z O O M] Mehrumis Septum (Fameshed)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Francine HUD 01 (Vintage Fair, 10-26 June)
Shorts | Vinyl Ella Boyshorts (The Liaison Collaborative)
Top | Vinyl Ella Thermal Crop Top (The Liaison Collaborative)


Vinyl’s new releases – the Ella crop top and shorts come in 15 different colours. Each color comes with a bonus graphic/pattern & is operated by the HUD. You can be sure that each is compatible with Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya, Slink Physique & Hourglass. They are sooo cute! Go grab ’em. I’d recommend the fatpack so you get all the bonus graphics 😀

KoKoLoReS’s Francine is a new release for The Vintage Fair which opened on Friday. It’s a huge event so there’s plenty to see, but this hairdo is very cute and stylish.

[Z O O M]’s Mehrumis Septum Ring is gorgeously detailed and so much so that I am wearing it even though I don’t normally do facial piercings. It’s at Fameshed!

Here’s some photos including the ‘well lit, no shit’ option. Click to see them huge 😀


Finally, the dancing video so that you can see what happens when we introduce movement…

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