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Bus Stop

Today is the day the votes were counted and we discovered that just over half of the UK had voted to leave the EU. Do I think a lump-hammer has been employed to drive in a simple nail? Yes. Do I think those Brexit voters will live to regret their short-sightedness? Yes. Do I think that the UK government should have put safeguards into place some years ago to avoid this happening? Yes.

Anyway the world keeps turning and we’ll survive. That’s all we must concentrate on now.

I have other news, not so earth-shattering! I decided to set up a little shop on marketplace to sell a few bits I’d made.  I’ve seen various comments from those considering purchasing a mesh body that there isn’t enough variety, that we all have to look the same etc. (my main argument for not having a mesh head, as it goes) and so I decided to make three very different shapes to work with the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, and the associated physics to go with them.

They’re up there now, reasonably priced and if you know of anybody who’s looking to buy a shape and physics, I’d appreciate your recommendation to them. ReadMeri on Marketplace.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Bus Stop – Aayla’s Place
Pose | [LAP] Now Lean Back – LAP is closed
Purse | /// offbeat /// nyanyanaya purse, prev gacha, try (Offbeat Mainstore)
Socks | *H+K* baby ankle socks tops modified (Honey Kitty Mainstore)
Sneakers | ::LC:: Love Hate Sneaker Grey by Pinky Chrome – no longer for sale
Shorts | Blueberry Lana Rolled Shorts wi. Bikini [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Necklace | **RealEvil** Lolita Necklace (Shiny Shabby, 20 June – 15 July)
Hair | *TKW* Appert (Cosmopolitan Sale Room, 20 June – 3rd July)
Glasses | [Z O O M] Feyrn Glasses wi. HUD (Tres Chic Avenue, 17 June – 10 July)
Corset | Addams // Vivian Corset [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/3ss] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)


Addams have two new releases out now at their Mainstore – today I’m showing you the Vivian Corset top which has fitted mesh body sizes for Maitreya, the two Slink Bodies and the three Belleza bodies, as well as 3 standard sizes. They have also released the matching/complementary leather pants. I’m not a ‘leather on both ends’ kind of girl, so I’m blogging them separately – probably tomorrow!

[Z O O M] have their very stylish Feyrn Glasses out now at Tres Chic, they come with a HUD to change frame and accent colours, as well as choose the transparency of the lens.

RealEvil have not let up on gorgeous jewellery design in the face of their new clothing range. The Lolita necklace is new out for Shiny Shabby this round and I love it. It too comes with a HUD to change various aspects – for instance, the lace ribbon shown in my pictures can be changed to different colours, or even leather.

Here’s plenty of close-up pictures including the ‘well lit, no shit’ shot. Click to see me huge.

Finally, here’s my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video…

8 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Bus Stop

  1. Always love your work. I just bought all three of your new Maitreya Lara shapes. Unfortunately, I wear a Lelutka Simone head which looks way too big on each of the shapes and my Ikon eyes are sunken deep into my head. I know that you don’t wear a mesh head, but what head sizes do you suggest I adjust my Simone head to to make it look proportional to your shapes for Maitreya?

    1. Hey Steph! Thank you for buying them, that’s so nice of you ❤ I'd suggest taking your head size down in stages – by like 10 points each time, until you feel it looks in proportion to the rest of you. Good luck! x

  2. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Meri. I will try your suggestion and see what it wind up with. I can picture those cartoons where the characters walk around in gorgeous bodies with very tiny heads.

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