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Oh Sailor Boy

For me, blogging fashion in this manner came almost by accident. I blogged anyway, about my SL and RL and the club and things like that, and every so often (like if I got into Collabor88 reasonably promptly) I’d blog the things I’d managed to get there so that my friends could see what goodies I’d found. It soon evolved with some designer friends saying I could blog their new releases and after a wee while, I found some confidence to apply to others when they put out their casting call.

For this reason, perhaps, ReadMeri has never purely been a fashion blog. It’s somewhere I come each day to talk about the things on my mind and is a pleasure for me. This was brought home to me most forcibly yesterday when I saw a comment on Facebook from a friend, saying that she’d heard people – bloggers – moaning about how much they hated doing it. Her response was, of course, ‘Don’t do it then’.

It should be a pleasure, it should be a hobby. I’m not paid to blog, but in the process of doing it I do get some great clothes to wear around and about and I guess it saves me a few lindens (I’m lying, I still spend just as much because I get an item and then think ‘Oh I need a new pose to go with that’ and ‘Oh I wish I had picked up that hair I saw the other day’ and pretty soon I’ve spent more than I would’ve on the item I received – but anyway…).

So, if you’re thinking about starting a fashion blog, what do I think should you bear in mind?

  1. You must love setting up pictures, playing with Windlights and have decent graphics on your computer.
  2. You must have the time to meet your commitments to designers. It’s no good accepting the stuff and then not being able to blog in a timely way, as well as consistently and regularly til it’s all done. (It’s never all done, I have usually 5-7 days of blogs waiting to be published at a rate of one a day).
  3. These days and increasingly, you must have time to spend on reciprocal social media in order to build a following. This isn’t my strong point. I simply don’t have a spare 2 hours a day to spend on Flickr and WordPress expanding my network and commenting on pictures. I have to squeeze it in when I can.
  4. You must be able to show the clothes clearly and without undue photoshopping of the actual garments. There has been friction about PSing pictures from various quarters of the SL Fashion Industry, but I think my approach is sensible. I’ll work on the main picture to make it more attractive, but I won’t ‘repair’ errors in clothing and I always post unedited, unfluffed versions on the blog too.
  5. You must be patient. It’s no good expecting to gain the trust of the big name designers you love within a week or so. You have to build up a following and essentially, make a portfolio of posts so that they can see what you have to offer. In other words, you must blog because you want to – with items you have purchased.
  6. You should understand what you are doing – you are essentially recommending items to blog readers. Your reviews should attempt to be honest (while respecting the designers featured) and your duty as a blogger is to your readers, not the designer. Think journalistic integrity!
  7. However! Your duty to a designer is to show their items accurately and obviously in an attractive/imaginative way. You should feed back on issues to them, rather than publishing issues directly to your blog, to give them a chance to explain/make changes. Also, you must make sure that the links you post to the event/mainstore are accurate and up to date, cus that’s well annoying to all parties eh? Most of the concerns a designer might have about you and your blog will be covered if you take into account the previous points.

If you still want to do it, you should. Maybe put a little thought into what will make you stand out from a huge amount of bloggers who are already established and how you can make readers want to come back each day.

I’d also love to hear from other bloggers, any tips and ideas they might have on how to blog fashion and not go nuts 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Ville Par La Mer
Pose | Marukin Royal Fur Pack (Marukin Mainstore)
Hair | Tableau Vivant Springflower Hair Summer HUD (Tableau Vivant Mainstore)
Watch | **RealEvil** Raven Watch (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Piercing | [Z O O M] Bloon Septum Ring (Shiny Shabby, til 15 July)
Necklace | **RealEvil** Clara Necklace (Cosmopolitan Event, til 3 July)
Dress | Blueberry Selena Dress [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Summerfest til 10 July)


You must be entirely sick of me talking about Blueberry’s perfect fit of garments, but it is one of the standout features of each and every design. The Selena dress comes with underpants and the panties come with bows on the side, which actually make the whole ensemble look even nicer. I put on the dress and then thought ‘ohoh, knickers – they’re going to spoil the look of things’ and then they only made it better. Eh? Now that’s clever. The dress also comes in a huge variety of colours, so do grab one (some).

RealEvil’s Clara Necklace is adorable. I’ve taken a close-up shot of it below, so you can see the details. Basically, you can choose one of the pre-provided pictures (via HUD) in the locket, or you can add your own – which is an adorable idea. The HUD is packed with tweaks and twiddles you can undertake to change metal type etc.

[Z O O M]’s Septum Ring collection is really adorable. I’m not one for piercings in odd places generally and in RL I know I’d be constantly messing with it in an unattractive way, but in SL, Meri doesn’t sneeze or itch and so I can wear it with pride and elegance. This too comes with a HUD to change the various elements to different metal types.

View the larger versions of the pictures below by clicking on them 🙂

And finally, the jigging for the rigging video

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Want to blog?

  1. catching up with social media following and stuff will never be our strong point as blogger. there are so much we need to do in order to get the blog going plus our RL. thank you for sharing your thought.

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