Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | INDTP – The Last Frog

The Last Frog


This Friday is going to be a big day. It’s the day that Midsummer Nights Indie Teepee Festival opens its gates to you. So, whether you love shopping for great and exclusive clothes, listening to fine tunes, visiting art exhibitions or love live performances, it’s the place to be.

Friday’s entertainment begins at 12pm with four DJs from my very own club, AAi. We’re proud to present Kanjena at 12, Thom at 1, me (eek) at 2 and Chris at 3pm slt. There will also be a fireworks spectacular in the first hour and a chance to explore the amazing and beautiful sim. At 7pm Guerilla Burlesque troop will perform. On the Saturday, it’s live singers and performers from 12pm slt.

You can find out tons more about Midsummer Nights Indie Teepee on their website and enjoy that until I can give you a landmark (I’ll update this blog on Friday).

I have some great things to show you, some of which will be available to buy at the event.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose & Prop | :Luanes World: Poses – Don’t wish for a Prince (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Moon | Ariskea [Faedreams] Moon of us Purple (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Particles | **CC** Summer Solstice Cosmic (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Flowers | [SWaGGa] Crown of Gardens (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Hair | +elua+ Willow (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Bracelet | Luas Summer Vibes Bangle Silver RARE  (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Shorts | BUENO May Shorts Pink [2Sli/2Fitmesh] (Bueno Mainstore)
TShirt | Addams Tina Mini T-Shirt [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/3ss] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)


The Addams Tina Mini T-Shirt is a cute addition to my wardrobe. When I first started in SL back in 2008, it was all mini tshirts and I had a soft spot for exposing the underside of my boobs – understandably so. Now in 2016, I have a t-shirt that accomplishes the same thing, with one huge difference, it’s proper fitted mesh and never again will I have to wear clothes which are simply painted onto my skin. Sighs. Bliss.

It comes with tons of texture and colour options and in a wide range of fitted mesh and standard mesh sizes, so definitely something for everyone.

I was excited that +elua+ were taking part in INDTP this year. God I love that store, and needless to say, all their hair. Willow is no exception and suits theme very nicely indeed.

I could ramble on about how nice all these things are but I think I’ll cut to my fave item from INDTP for this post – Luanes World ‘Don’t wish for a Prince’. Not only do you get a cute pose as a part of the lilypads, but the frog comes with it.

Thom bought me a frog prince charm for my bracelet, because I did indeed have to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my handsome prince. Hope the very next frog is your last frog too.


You can get into Midsummer Nights Indie Teepee Festival Now to do your shop! Here’s the SURL (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)

Here’s some close-ups! Click to see them bigger.


And finally, the jigging for the rigging video!


indtp logo


What do you think?

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