Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Tell Puck…

Tell Puck to come lively.png

Tell Puck to come lively, there’s lovers to see
For I have some heartwork this dark night for he
And tell not the King how we plotted this here
He will only get grumpy as if t’interfere.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | RK Poses Brea 2 Sit for chair (RK Poses Mainstore)
Cabin | Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Old Shanty Boat – copy (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Bag | *SL* Indie Bag #3 – Sweet Lies Original (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Potion | [PM]Pixel Mode – Love Juice COMMON Gacha (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Star Light | [PM]Pixel Mode – Hanging Star Candle COMMON Gacha (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Incense | BALACLAVA!! TeePee Incense Burner (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Lamps | *~*HopScotch*~* Dreamy Lamp Short – Col. Change (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Fairy | [PM]Pixel Mode – Fairy Kiss COMMON Gacha (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Papers | [PM]Pixel Mode – Puck’s Epilogue COMMON Gacha (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Ukelele | BALACLAVA!! Wall Mount Cigarbox Ukulele (Romeo) (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)

Head Jewel | Luas Summer Vibes Headpiece Silver RARE (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Body Jewel | Luas Summer Vibes Body Jewel Silver RARE (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Turban/Hair | lock&tuft – wrapped pastels (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Footwear | Violetility – Love in Idleness [Mait/Sli/SliMale] (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Top | [Cynful] Goddess Top [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Cosmopolitan Event)
Rings | [Z O O M] Immy Set [Mait/2Sli] (Fameshed)
Skirt | Luas Summer Vibes Skirt Maitreya Pink Common [Mait/2Sli/] (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)


Midsummer Nights Indie Teepee opens today, Friday 8th July (entertainment begins at 12pm slt. As I already mentioned, DJs from AAi will be opening the music side of things, but there’s so much more to see and do. Visit their website – –  for more infos and a landmark.

So, any standout issues I should share with you?

The designer at Lock&Tuft was really nice. I Im’d her about something and she was very helpful and pleasant. I’m not suggesting you all bombard her with questions, but I always feel happy buying from someone I think is nice 😀

Cynful’s new release for the Cosmoplitan Event is so gorgeous. You colour the undertop and then the crochet that goes over the top – or you can have it without the crochet, but you won’t… it’s too cute with. Comes with colour HUD of course, word to your mother.

You can’t see the shanty boats of the shanty boat house by Soy. but they are lovely, in fact the whole thing is lovely… if you’re looking for a simple place to live, or to keep boats, this may well be it.

Don’t forget – join the party at 12pm slt tonight (that’s 8pm UK time), you’ll have a ball – and if you know me from here and I’m there, do say hi!

Here’s lots of close up pictures! Click to see each much bigger.

And finally, my dancing video – jigging for the rigging.

What do you think?

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