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postcard from the edge

When I say ‘Postcard from the Edge’ I don’t want you thinking I’m talking about a postcard from David Howell Evans of famous iTunes stalking group, U2. No, I don’t think I’m on his radar and to be fair, he’s not really on mine unless he does something newsfodderworthy, like falling off the edge of the stage… I have to admit, that was kinda funny.

My buds and I were in AAi (the club in SL) at Thom’s set last night, chatting, and it got a bit nutso, as it does… One of my esteemed colleagues commented that ‘It’s good when it’s just family here and you can talk about these things’. And that was kinda nice. I like how we come together in that virtual space and create something between us that feels like family.

I should also assert that I love it when new people come along too. It’s not a closed shop, but the newcomers may also be exposed to insensible conversation and larks – we’re not that good at behaving like grown ups.

It made me think about how some people come and go, and some people come and stay and I wondered why that was. What makes something feel right to one person and another has to wander a little further before finding somewhere they feel comfortable?

I guess I will never know really, and it’s a good job. It’s a small club and if I found the magic ingredient that made everybody feel at home, it’d get a bit squashed in there.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Belle Bayou
Necklace | **RealEvil** Lolita Necklace (Shiny Shabby, 20 June – 15 July)
Outfit | Blueberry Celeste Top & Skirt [Mait/3Bell/2Sli] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Sandals | REIGN. Huntington Sandals with Blueberry matching HUD (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)
Hair | Tableau Vivant Hung Up Blondes (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)
Tattoo | (Nylon Outfitters) Robin Shoulder Tattoo [Mait/Layers] (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)


So, right… Blueberry brought out a new skirt and top that looks like a dress on – well, if you wear both pieces it does, and it’s sexy as hell. In her notes to bloggers, she said that Reign. had brought out some complementary sandals to match if we were interested in buying those. I thought that was unlikely. I’m a sandal fiend, own an obscene amount and yet always seem to wear the same few pairs (Reverie normally). Anyway, I got to C88 not thinking I’d buy them and whoa! dude. They were so nice, I had to. My only very tiny, minute, weeny criticism is that their display (Reign’s) seemed to only show 2 colours… and yet called itself a fatpack. If I were a stranger to Reign, I might have thought the fatpack only comprised those two colours and not gone for it. However… you get the Reign colour HUD (maybe 16 colours?) and then a Blueberry colour HUD (maybe another 16?) and of course, the Blueberry ones work with the Celeste Skirt and Top – Wahay!

I think they should have made more of this in their poster so that prospective customers could reel at the excellent value and purchase it. That said, I’m telling you, so go get them both. 😀

Edit: OHOH! Haha. Apparently these Reign. Sandals are not the shoes made to go with this outfit (confusathon). It is THESE which are made to go with Blueberry’s Celeste outfit. Although, now that means buying those too…hmm.

Double Edit: Turns out I made an almighty cock-up anyway – the Blueberry Celeste outfit is at their mainstore in my (amended) details above, and not at C88… I got confused and I’m sorry 😀

As time goes on in SL (I’ve been inworld more than 8 years now) and as my inventory grows ever larger, I’m a more cautious shopper. I’ve spent enough lindens on items which will never be worn, or be worn once and then never seen again. Now, I tend to demo items so I can make sure I really, really want them. I didn’t spend a fortune at C88 this time, but each and every thing I bought I really liked and really wanted.

Here’s some close ups, plus the ‘well lit, no shit’ shot – click to see them huge.


And finally, my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video, so you can see it all moving. Incidentally, there’s not many areas you can alpha wearing this little number from Blueberry… so it has to fit well – and it does. View on…

3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Postcard from the Edge

  1. Two things come to mind. What makes AAI so special is that it does feel like family. Yet, as somewhat of a newcomer I can attest to the fact that what kept me coming back from my first landing there is that the family does welcome and embrace everyone. Not once did I ever feel a sense of cliquishness when first going there.
    As far as your second pondering on change and people coming and going, I am reminded of a quote from the writer Paul Theroux who once said “If you stand in one place long enough everything will change.”

    1. And my goodness Oob, he’s so right. Thom and I have stood still (in SL terms) for the last 7/8 years, watching the world go by… it’s remarkable and sad and happy all at the same time 😀

      Glad you weren’t piqued by a clique, see you later x

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