Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Lairy Fights

Lairy Fights

I got up late today. The sun fooled me into waking early and so I opened my curtains and my window, then fell back into bed thinking I’d have a doze and woke up 3 hours later. Lazy Meri.

I wanted to tell you about a quiz that’s being held at Midsummer Nights Indie Teepee later. Two friends, Nod and Bri are hosting a series of quizzes (Monday to Thursday, same time each day), tonight’s quiz is about Second Life itself. It starts at 10.30am slt and goes on for about an hour. Arrive a little early because those attending have to organise themselves into a team of 5 people

Yes, with strangers! Because it’s good for you to meet new people and do new things that’s why! And because your team can win 2500l$ between you if you are the winner. Just take the surl given in the details below and join in.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Sofa | NOMAD // Ethereal Day Settee (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Pose | RKPoses Brea 3 (RK Mainstore)
Lights | ::KKs:: boho life – lights (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Tapestry | brocante. pinned tapestry / midsummer (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Necklace | CODEX Metal Plate Necklace Old Silver M/F (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Rings | !APHORISM! Janis and Studded Turquoise Rings (!APHORISM! Mainstore : !APHORISM! Marketplace)
Bracelet | !APHORISM! Selene Bracelet (!APHORISM! Mainstore : !APHORISM! Marketplace)
Sandals | Zaara Sachi Boho Sandals Ocean (Zaara Mainstore)
Shorts | The Secret Store Emma Shorts Dove (The Secret Store)
Hair | [RA] Anja Hair Blondes (We ❤ Roleplay, til 31st July)
Top | Vinyl Nowell Surf Crop Tee Exclusives [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Mix @ Vinyl)
Glasses | [Z O O M] Chambs Glasses/Sunglasses (The Crossroads Event)


The NOMAD Ethereal Day Settee is so adorable and very Midsummery Nightsy Dreamsy. It comes with inbuilt poses and animations but I couldn’t find one that showed off my outfit the way I wanted (of course, that’s not what it’s made to be!) and so used RK Poses Brea.

The floating lights you can see are by KK’s and are pretty self-explanatory, simply rez and go ‘ooh’. Brocante’s pinned tapestry you can see there centre/back. Cute.

I have items from Vinyl – it’s a crop top, cute, exclusive textures in this pack!, RunAway Hair at We ❤ Roleplay – it’s stunning, love the style and colours. [Z O O M] Chambs Glasses/Sunglasses – probably my favourite pair from Z O O M so far!

Here’s some more pictures so you can see detail, click to see me huge.

Finally, here’s my dancing video – jigging for the rigging.

What do you think?

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