Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Summerleap


So a parcel arrived this morning for me. Something I’d ordered (which had been on a little side excursion too) had finally arrived at my door via the Royal Mail. Postman knocked and went back to his van to get another little parcel and left a very large box 3ft away from my front door. I gawped at its size and poked it with my foot, it moved slightly – I’d be able to push it but not lift it certainly. Postman came back from his van, handed me the smaller parcel with a bonus dirty look for me having made no progress with huge parcel.

I decided silence and smiling was the best action, so I stepped back into my hallway, away from huge parcel and smiled encouragingly at postman. He shoved the parcel towards my door way and said, grumpily, ‘Won’t fit’. I said ‘I think it might, just’. And he shoved again – I helped with steering from the inside, and it slid through the doorway with narry a hair’s breadth either side.

I thanked the Postie, who still looked disgusted at the whole episode, and I bum-bumped the huge box backwards with my capacious arse so I could shut the front door. Then I turned around and had to do a grab and wriggle motion to slightly walk the parcel backwards so I could get into my kitchen. Then a half shove, half wiggle action so I could move it to block the front door and I could then get into my living room. You’re gathering I don’t have a large hallway and certainly not with monster box sitting in it. That was when I realised I couldn’t get it through any of the internal doorways. I’m going to have to unpack it in the hallway, which will be similar to icing a cake in a microwave. Hot, pressed for space and ultimately, inadvisable.

Am I downhearted? Indeed no. I have a cup of tea, I have access to my living room and – if I breathe in – I can probably make it up the stairs to the bathroom. Most importantly, I have you to talk to. Thanks!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Netherwood
Pose | grafica emer – modified head direction (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Bag | Reign. Boho Bag Geo (Reign Mainstore)
Hair | Moon Unnoted Blondes (Moon Mainstore)
Flower | Truth Hair Fleur White (Truth Mainstore)
Shoes | Mutresse Kafa Espadrilles [Mait/Bell/Slink] (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)
Skirt | Blueberry Rachel Summer Skirts [Mait/3Bell/2Sli] (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)
Top | Blueberry Rachel Summer Tops [Mait/3Bell/2Sli] (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)


So, you might recall, the other day, I got very mixed up about a Blueberry release and thought it was the new C88 release? Well this one really is! I got my act sorted, figured out I’d had two delicious new skirt and top releases and had this one to show you. Bonus Blueb! The Rachel Summer Tops and Skirts come in an array of Summery shades at Collabor88 this round. The skirt comes with optional colour HUD knickers and everything fits without alphaing.

I got the Mutresse Espadrilles while I was at C88… god I love Mutresse. Mutresse tend to bring out an item and sell it at a one pack price with a fat pack of colour options. What’s not to love?

Everything else shown is not new at all. I think the Reign Boho Bag was probably from N21 a long time ago, Moon’s Unnoted Hair is also getting on now, but I suspect they’ll still have it in mainstore – cus good is good right? I nicked the flower from a different hair pack – Truth’s Fleur hair. It’s a romantic low updo, if you get my meaning. “Oh Mr Darcy, your shirt is all wet and sticking to your…” falls away in a dead faint.

Lots of close up and detail photos there, all of which you can see bigger by clicking on them.

Here’s the jigging for the rigging video!

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