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Getting ready-ish

Meri came back into her room after drying her hair and sat, not upon the neatly made bed, but on the floor. She had some serious thinking to do. Today was the day that she’d take part in a Creative Forum at Indie Teepee on the subject of running a business in SL.

She wondered what questions she might be asked. Wondered if she’d be asked no questions at all. Wondered if it was absolutely essential to wear underpants – after all, it was pretty hot weather.

Paolla (who owns {Reverie}) would also be on the panel and she’d suggested underwear was probably a good idea, but aside from that, just said that medium slutty would be okay. What if she’d just said that and Meri turned up medium-slutty with underwear and Paolla had worn a suit? What if she’d said that and then Paolla turned up naked aside from a nice feather headband and some sandals? See… that’s a good look.

“Nobody expects you to really shine in regards to what you wear” said a sensible voice in her head “Not when you’re on a panel with a fashion designer”. Meri nodded. That was true, probably she could wear something grey and full-length and then she’d blend nicely into the background, or she could dress as a tree and blend nicely into the background.

Either way, it was going to happen. 12pm slt/8pm UK time. Today. Indie Teepee.

creative forum mericat paolla chris

What to wear in Second Life today?

Screen/Pose | {what next} ‘So Boho’ Dressing Screen ({what next} Marketplace)
Moon | [CIRCA] – “Dreamer Light Art” – Moon & Stars – Light Blue (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Build | [Toiz] Raindrop Gacha Set – Rain Cube Rare (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Bed | [Toiz] Raindrop Gacha Set – Raindrop Bed (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Pictures | [Toiz] Raindrop Gacha Set – 10.51 Frame (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Table | [Toiz] Raindrop Gacha Set – Bed Table (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Rug | [Toiz] Raindrop Gacha Set – Raindrop Rug (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Wall Deco | [Toiz] Raindrop Gacha Set – Raindrop Wall Deco (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Clock | [Toiz] Raindrop Gacha Set – 10.24 clock (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Light | [Toiz] Raindrop Gacha Set – Raindrop light (Midsummer Night’s Indie Teepee Festival)
Dress | Blueberry Energy Dress Zero – Sky – Common (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Boots | Blueberry Energy Boots – Sky – Common (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Armlets | Blueberry Energy Armlets – Multicolour – Common (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Choker | Blueberry Energy Choker – Sky – Common (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Hair | [RunAway] Maggie Hair Blondes (The Hair Fair 2016, 16/8 – 31/8)


Blueberry’s Energy collection for the Epiphany Event is amazing. And you know, it contains an amazing array of rares and commons for you to work on collecting. As always with these things, I try not to look at what is rare and what is common, but simply to pick out what I most like – and this outfit just happens to be all common items – but it makes me feel like a million bucks!

Here’s their full range. You know how Epiphany works right? Buy, rez – choose to redeem for points towards an exclusive item or to take the item into your inventory to keep. Rinse and repeat til you have the items you want. O’course swapsies are useful in this regard and Blueberry have set up a group specially for discussing swapsies etc. secondlife:///app/group/6ad771bb-7c15-3ec8-5a01-c0d397ef7d5b/about


So there you go, have fun with that!

Indie Teepee Designers continue to provide inspiration and this whole set from Toiz was a happy discovery. It’s also a gacha set and something rare, innocuously entitled ‘cube’ was, in fact, a really cute little skybox… or groundbox, but yeah. Adorable. It’s based on rain and I love it, especially at the moment when I’m craving a good thorough rainfall here to clear the heat away.

Finally, [RunAway]’s Maggie Hair is one of the new ones for The Hair Fair, which I’m sure you’re all at now. OMG there are some super hairs and this is one of them for me. I love the fit, the style and the textures. I might even wear it at the Creative Forum 🙂

Here’s some close-up pics and my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot. Click to see me huge.

And finally, the jigging for the rigging video, so you can see how well it all fits when moving.

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