Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Ash


Some days words just pour out of me and some days they don’t. Today is a day to be quiet. Sssh.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Hair | [RunAway] Steffanie Hair Grey Palette (The Hair Fair 2016, 16/7 – 31/7)
Bra | Blueberry Energy Chain Bra Silver Light (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Shield | **RealEvil** Lux Venus Shiled V3 (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)


I wanted to do an ash themed photograph mainly so I could show you the fabulous grey palette RunAway are doing, and to show you this hair – Steffanie. It’s at the Hair Fair at the moment and you can get it in any colour pack you wish, but this one is kinda dramatic 🙂

I’ve paired it with the Blueberry Energy Chain Bra in Silver Light. The Energy collection is at Epiphany, which makes it a part of a gacha. I did blog about this gacha before here.

Finally, one of my most worn jewellery items is the RealEvil Lux Venus Shiled (Shield?) which is now at the mainstore. It’s just a beautifully decorative silver umm… cup I guess, that hides your front lady parts from view. It works where knickers will not!

Here’s some more shots – there’s no ‘well lit, no shit’ shot today, because well… I think you can see what there is to see pretty well in these shots 🙂

And finally, the jigging in the rigging video, which is more of a wandering around video as I didn’t want to actually dance for you guys while not wearing much – like a hooer 😀

3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Ash

  1. Why is it, when you are wearing next to nothing there is no “Well lit no shit” shot? Your readers demand consistency!!
    /me marches around shouting, “Well Lit, No Shit!! Well Lit, No Shit!! Well Lit, No Shit!! Well Lit, No Shit!!”

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