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I was thinking last night as I lay in bed waiting to sleep, how strange it is that water has no taste. Everything else has a taste, but water… nothing. It’s not savoury or sweet. It’s almost like it’s already a part of you before you swallow it. I mean, I realise our bodies are made up of a huge amount of water, but still… the other ‘ingredients’ of a human would have a flavour if we swallowed them. Really, water is a very clever thing indeed.

Water is like air, only wetter.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Valkyria – The Fairy Pools 
Pose | Del May Curvacious (Del May Mainstore)
Snake | Storybook Medusa Snake Wrap Cornsnake Common (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Dress | Storybook Medusa Dress Cornsnake Common (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Crown | Storybook Medusa Crown Gold Common (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Leg | Storybook Medusa Leg Snake Gold Common (The Epiphany Event, 15/7-15/8)
Necklace | **RealEvil** Nahlim Necklace (Men Only Monthly, from 20/7 – 15/8)
Hair | Lamb. Wake Up Dark Blondes, prev Gacha, try (Lamb Mainstore)


Another amazing creation from Storybook is now available at The Epiphany Event. I like the cut of the dress (impossible in RL, just sexy in SL) and the head and leg accessories, but you can go a step further and have a snake wrapped around you too (pictured below). It’s for Maitreya Lara only.

RealEvil’s Nahlim necklace is for the boys at Men Only Monthly. It comes with a HUD to change elements of the design to different metal colours/textures.

Here’s some detail shots, plus a well lit no shit!

And finally, a jigging for the rigging video, so you can see how it moves when I do!

What do you think?

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