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If you blog, or sell a lot, or shop a lot indeed, you’ll know how quickly your inventory can get out of control. I struggle to keep mine around 120-130,000 items. When I first began SL, a female friend advised me to make sub-folders under the categories provided (E.g. Clothes – Tops – Shirts or Clothes – Bottoms – Jeans) and store my purchased items within categories from the beginning, so I could always find them again. This was great advice, if I had bothered to put all my items into those categories every day since, but I didn’t. I let it lapse.

I let it lapse as soon as it got to be any decent quantity and when you blog, you can at times receive a lot of items. So, now I put all items to blog into a folder called ‘to Blog’ and the rest roam free, swimming about like minnows in a shark infested pool.

I needed a quick way to find this stuff again and so I decided spending a week sorting my invent wasn’t practical. Newp. Instead, I would add words to the folder names.

Example: Item is unboxed and the folder is called something like ‘Reign Trixie Boots Black – wear to unpack item’ or something. I’d delete the second part and instead put in ‘pointed toe knee sexy’. This means that if i search on ‘knee boots’ in my invent search, they should come up. Or… if I need footwear to go with a particular oufit, I might search for ‘black sexy’ and they should come up. I also use words like casual, cute, plaits, bun, long and occasionally ‘fave’. Another really good word to use is ‘unworn’. (At the moment I’m kicking myself because I bought a fabulous dress and forgot to label it and now I can’t find it!).

It’s mega quick and actually, really useful once your invent gets above a certain size. What kind of system do you use?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Gates of Melancholy
Pose | {Imeka} Violet Pose 6 (Imeka Mainstore)
Hair | Tableau Vivant Summers HUD (Tableau Vivant Mainstore)
Dress | [Cynful] Mai Tai Ombres [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Mesh Body Addicts Fair, 1-21 Aug)


So, my additional words for Cynful’s Mai Tai Dress might be ‘Sexy, long, tube’ because it is indeed a sexy long tube dress. I chose the Ombres because they seem to provide such interest but you can also get it in striped and plain colour packs. I love the fit. For some reason I get a show through on the side, ribcage level, and I can’t alpha it out. I do keep my body fat on either 11 or 24 though, so perhaps a reduction in that would work. It only happens when I’m moving around. I’m gonna wear it anyway! I doubt folks will be looking for that when I’m wearing this stunning frock.

Here’s a well lit no shit shot for you – click to see me huge.


And finally, here’s the jigging for the rigging video – today with a slight difference. I had a friend ask me why I don’t do the videos at the lovely sims I visit to take the main picture and leave shadows on etc… this is why 😀

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | The Very Lazy Inventory System

  1. Good Inventory tips, Meri! When I first entered SL, I belonged to the New Citizens group and I enjoyed a lot of their courses. The best one I went on was an Inventory course by Wat Diesel I think it was and I did stick to all his tips and tricks – folders within folders, keeping building, blogging and clothing on completely separate systems, chucking stuff out once in a while and using outside packing wardrobe systems. Now I’ve modelled, blogged, wrote and built over the years and I’ve managed to stay within 40k by using Wat’s methods. It’s been essential because if you walk on runways you need to have a low inventory to be successful with combating the lag. I like to blog Home & Garden as well as fashion so with those – if I am not having a piece out in my house then I repack the lot, the same with the fashion sizing that I don’t use so I do keep all the original boxes. With gacha and their dicey permissions *laughs* I keep those all separate. I still think that I need an almighty clear out soon, though!

    1. Wow that’s inspiring Moz. 40k and you do all of that! I went through so many phases (you can imagine, sculpty boobs, appliers, different bodies) that I’m almost scared to approach it. I did box some stuff up but it loses all its folders and so ends up a real mess if you unbox it… I think, as I rarely go back a long way to find stuff that I just need to bite the bullet and delete a ton – sighs. I admire you greatly for sticking to a system that does work though. All hail Moz! 😀

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