Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Bring up a snack Eve

Bring up a snack Eve

So, I was thinking the other day about the bible, specifically, about Eve and the serpent and the apples and how she got blamed for giving one to Adam to eat. I was thinking about the ‘curse’ that was laid upon Eve after that (menstruation, painful childbirth etc.) and how idiotic it was that anybody could think that was a result of giving a guy an apple. I realise that there are tons of symbollocks contained within the holy books, but at least I think I have found a real flaw in the story.

If a woman did that and all women are punished for it… why do female animals also have the same issues (menstruation, painful childbirth etc.)?

I know not all animals do, but lots of mammals have a form of menstruation and all of them give birth in a way that causes them pain and anguish – in fact, let’s face it, a cow probably has no idea what is happening and so she’s going to be more upset than Janice from Somerset who had been trying for a baby for 2 years with her husband Steve before finally giving birth to a baby girl while screaming the words ‘epidural’ and ‘never touch me again’.

So, I’m calling bullshit on that one. If you are religious and find this offensive, I hope you can view it as a little healthy conversation about the ‘unclean’ tag religion has placed upon women for more centuries than we can imagine and how perhaps this point, at least, requires some clarification from those in charge of the religiousing 😀

And we all know Adam was lazing around, watching the football and probably called ‘Bring a snack up, Eve!’ and she just grabbed the first thing she could find in the garden which looked edible.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Golden Pavilion
Pose | Fashiowl Poses – Julia Pack (The Thrift Shop, 6-28 Aug)
Necklace | *AvaWay* Serpente Necklace (*AvaWay* Mainstore)
Shoes | Black Haus Metallic Gold Shoes – Slink High (Black Haus Mainstore)
Armcuff | *RealEvil* Bad Kitty Arm Cuff (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Earrings | [MANDALA] Luck Earrings Gold (Mandala Mainstore)
Hair | *TKW* Otero Blondes (Hairology, 10-30 August)
Dress | BUENO Tube Dress – Grade Gold [2Sli/Fitmesh] (Collabor88)  or (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)


I wanted to show you Bueno’s Tube Dress which is on sale right now at Collabor88. I do love a nice tube dress in Second Life. It means I can indulge my fashion whims while my boobs improbably don’t leap out of the top and make a bid for freedom. I tried it once in real life and spent a whole party sitting bolt upright in a chair, not daring to bend over or even stand up in case the worst happened. But fear not! Bueno’s dress will not allow that to happen to you. I’m showing it in Grade Gold colour here but there’s a shedload of nice colours and designs to choose from including strped and plain as well as the graded options.

I am also in the unfortunate position of having to say something not entirely positive, which I hate doing, but I didn’t notice this problem until I’d already done the pictures for this blog. The Black Haus Metallic gold shoes were chosen for this blog based on their colour and style, however, when I watched the video back, I realised that some of the detailing of the back of the shoe was floating around the back of my calves. Buggeration.

The version of these shoes I’m using is quite old in SL Fashion terms (they were sent to me for a Depraved Nation event a while ago and I didn’t use them at the time) and it may be that they have dealt with that error in their store packs – or it may be that somehow I managed to bork up this pair all by myself. I just thought I should point it out and suggest that a demo is tried, as always, before purchase.

Here’s a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot for your close up inspection.


And finally, here’s my jigging for the rigging video so we can see this dress containing my boobs defy gravity 😀


6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Bring up a snack Eve

  1. The story with Eve and the Apple can be both figurative, and literal. It depends on interpretation. Now I am a Christian, but I believe the story is figurative. There is a theory that, Satan temping Eve with an “apple” from the “Tree of Life” is a reference to the idea or concept of the discovery of sexual pleasure that came with Homo Sapien’s gradual move towards Self Awareness. That Satan taught Eve about such carnal knowledge and then she in turn went and taught it to Adam. This, on the presumption that Adam and Eve were actual human beings; which again plays into the “concept” that the Bible and specifically Genesis itself is truly portraying the “creation of all things”.

    But we have to also accept the fact that these stories, specifically the first books of the Bible, were written for Man, over 6000 years ago. Mans understanding then, is very different from Mans understanding today. There are things that were written in a way that man would accept it then, but would not fully understand it until much later when a time came that Mans understanding grew and evolved.

    The Bible is more then a mere story, it is a guide book to Human Evolution… and many Christians are going to cry foul over me saying this. But the simple fact is, its stated right smack in the Book of Revelation. When it states what the “number of the beast” is and states that its so simple that anyone could figure it out. What is that number?


    Its so simple, it took “Man” another 2000 years to figure it out, and even when Man did, Man still refuses to accept it.

    The Beast is Humanity itself.

    6 Electrons
    6 Neutrons
    6 Protons

    The Carbon Atom, Atomic Number 6.

    Humanity is Carbon based life, in fact all life on earth is carbon based. Its a number encoded into our very genetics from the moment we were born and the Bible itself is a guide trying to teach us how to become (evolve) closer to (or one with) God, whom is described as the Breath of Life. Oxygen! 8 Electrons, 8 Neutrons, 8 protons; Gods number, 8… the number of infinite, ever lasting, etc…

    666 has been encoded into humanity from the very moment the Human species first become self aware, which was when? It wasn’t “In the Beginning” as Genesis teaches us. Its explained in Psalm 90:4 and Second Peter Chapter 3; where it clearly states that 1 Day to God, equals 1000 Years on Earth (or 1000 years to Man) . This means every time the Bible mentions the passage of a “day” in reference to God, as opposed to a day in relation to a human, then it is saying 1000 years have passed.

    SO. Take the 6000 years of the Hebrew Calendar, that dates to the time of Moses when they claim the first books of the Bible were written.

    Then take the “7 days of creation” and turn them into 7000 years on earth. What do you get?

    Roughly 13,000 years; which places Adam and Eve, and “In The Beginning” right smack in the middle of the Neolithic Revolution. A period in Earths history when a species known as Homo Sapien discovered that it had a brain, and learned how to use that brain! Humans discovered agriculture, and learned how to domesticate plants as well as animals, and discovered how to form into communities; it truly was the dawn of the modern Human Being.

    So with all that said and in mind; we then have to re-examine the idea of Adam and Eve, The Apple, and the Tree of Life. Could it too, possibly be figurative? Some, are already arguing that Cain and Able actually represents the conflicts between Homo Sapien, and the Neanderthal; which would date “Adam and Eve” even 10’s of thousands of years before the Neolithic Revolution; which could very well be possible considering the Bible also teaches that Humans lived for a period of hundreds of years back then.

    Noah himself is said to have live 950 years!

    So exactly how many family generations HAD passed, between the period of Adam and Eve and the time of Noah? It could have been thousands and thousands of years.

    I don’t think Humanity has quite evolved to that point yet, where it can truly understand that part.

    Therefore I ask fellow Christians not to be offended by the questions posed by Read here, but rather look to God’s Book with a more open mind; consider our knowledge of the world today, compared to humanities knowledge of the world 6000 years ago when these books were written; and remember the Book of Daniel and the Angel instructing Daniel that his “words must be sealed” until a time when “humans would understand”.. was that perhaps not just for Daniels book, but perhaps all of the older Books?

    Then ask yourself, what does “Revelation” truly mean?

    The Book of Revelation is not the end of the human race, its just the beginning. Its the “revelation” of our evolution, its the revelation of how we finally evolve from “carbon based” life forms, into something more and greater and leave our Earth behind. But we have to embrace God to accept that evolution; or remain human (carbon based) and left behind…

    Religion itself, evolves over time… as Mans knowledge and understanding of the world also evolves.

    1000 years ago, the “Church” believed that practicing medicine and healing knowledge, was the work of the devil; and monks believed they had to “bleed” the devil out of the afflicted… a soldier wounded in battle from sword cut, they may never walk again, and Monks think they just have to let it bleed to heal. Oh but then in comes the local ‘witch’ with her herbs and leaves and spices, “things from the earth” that she claims would draw out infections and poisons, and she brings maggots to eat away the dead flesh to the good flesh will grow and heal, and that soldier would walk again…. only she’d be branded a witch for it; and regardless of whether her “arts” work or not, they would call it “the work of the devil!”

    Today, I’m walking, after a terrible car wreck… because God gave a surgeon the miracle healing knowledge of medicine and surgery. Today doctors use medicines made from “ingredients from the earth” the same ingredients that “witch” would have used 1000 years ago…. only difference is today the Church sings praises to God when a Doctor heals a child laying sick; or performs a surgery that allows a car accident victim to walk again…

    Religion itself, evolves over time… as Mans knowledge and understanding of the world also evolves…

  2. Oh and one last thought to add; presuming Read allows my previous to be posted 🙂

    Genesis claims God created us “in his image”?

    God’s image is that of a Spiritual Being.

    Not a Human Being.

    Therefore one can argue that “Adam and Eve” were originally Spiritual Beings…. while the animals were already “flesh and blood” and already experienced things such as menstruation and pains of child birth.

    Adam and Eve were not made “flesh and blood” until after Eve’s Sin. Genesis tells us they hid from God and felt ashamed to be naked before him. They were not naked in the flesh, they were naked spiritually and that is why they were ashamed.

    God punished them and “clothed them in the skin of animals”.

    Meaning God wrapped their “spiritual bodies” in leathery flesh like that of an animals skin, and made them “flesh and blood” which resulted in them suffering the same ailments as the animals.

    The rest of the Bible is trying to teach us how to evolve, leave these “flesh and blood” bodies behind, and become Spiritual Beings once more.

    Again, another example of how our view of religion can be changed based on how our knowledge of the world evolves.

    1. Wow Jolene, I can see you are very passionate about understanding the bible. Thanks for taking the (considerable) time to respond to my post. I particularly found the last part interesting about the spiritual beings being made flesh – that certainly relates to what I had mentioned.
      Still… I’d love to see the Church(es) deal with the fact women are perceived as unclean during a normal (for us animals) part of our reproductive cycle, as I feel it has been a bain long enough and has moulded society into believing women are lesser beings than men.

  3. There’s another interpretation which is that the serpent was symbolic of the Primordial Mother (or Holy Spirit) and She upset the apple cart *laughs* by letting humans choose their eventual spiritual evolution rather than be under the autonomous laws of Nature like every other creature and unable to have free will. The tree, after all, was the tree of knowledge. She went to the woman first because Eve was the most reasonable of the couple and had a higher emotional intelligence than Adam. This is still true today unless men worship the Divine from their hearts and dissolve their overgrown egos in the process. ❤

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