Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Feathered Friends

feathered friends

Hello and Happy Sunday non-feathered friends. I got up and had an argument with my housemate about the lawns not being mowed for several months. Nobody understands how dispiriting it is to have the gardens of a complete bum, except my peacock. He and I discussed it at some length with him agreeing that ‘If people didn’t like nagging they should get ahead of the game’.

He’s deeply wise. People say peacocks are stupid and vain, but that’s only because they are so beautiful. They’re actually righteously clever and sometimes rather scary, until you know them.

The cat also pooped on my conservatory floor again last night, after I spent yesterday cleaning it within an inch of its life. I’m definitely not a fan of furry or hairy friends today, they can both do one.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Grafica Penlinio iii mirror (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Friend | JIAN Peacock :: Static with Fanned Tail (Collabor88)  or (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)
Scene | *CS* Boho Scene – modified (The Thrift Shop, 6-28 Aug)
Hair | *ARGRACE* Azami Honey Blonde (Argrace Mainstore)
Pearls | Soedara Head Jewel Pearls (Soedara Mainstore)
Shoes | REIGN Huntington Sandals (Reign Mainstore)
Dress | Blueberry Scarlet Angelic Dress with wings [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/TMP] (Collabor88)  or (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)


Oooh, loving Blueberry’s ‘Scarlet’ Angelic Dress. It comes with wing details on the back of the shoulder straps, which are separately controllable via HUD. You can choose two colours – one for the top of the wings and one for the lower section and they’re all so gorgeous. If you get the fatpack, you get bonus dress and feather colours!

My friend, a Jian Peacock, can also be found at Collabor88. They come in static, companion and wandering options and you can change the appearance of the peacock via menu.

Here’s a couple of close-up shots, click to see them larger

And finally, here’s a ‘jigging in the rigging’ video to see if I take off when I flail around 🙂 Oh, also, I decided to use a wandering peacock in back of shot while I made the video – typically of peacocks and SL, he did not want to move while I was dancing and simply walked off with his tail fanned as soon as I yelled ‘cut’. Tsk.


2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Feathered Friends

  1. Oh, naughty kitty! Way back in my childhood, when we lived in Lanka – I remember a pair of white peacocks who would patrol the village and sort out any snakes in the houses – we used to let them in. When it was about to rain, the peahen would dance around so we always knew!

    Those wings on the back of the dress are cute aren’t they?

    1. Wow, those peacocks sound really useful. I’d definitely have encouraged them if they would get rid of snakes in my house! I didn’t realise they did that – or the rain dancing 😀 Truly fascinating creatures!

      And yeah, love those little touches that make fashion so individual and lovely. ❤

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