Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | London the Fantasy

London the Fantasy

A few years ago, I was travelling through rural New England and stopped at a McDonalds to grab some fuel (for me, not the vehicle). It was empty and when I spoke to the guy behind the counter, he looked back at me in some surprise. Then, instead of progressing my order, he called everybody in from the kitchen by shouting ‘Hey, She’s English!’. Soon I had an audience of young people oohing and aahing over my accent and firing questions at me.

The crux of it seemed to be that they wanted to know about London. Was it really as beautiful as people said? Oh it must be so cool to live there (I don’t) and what did I think about it.

I made the mistake at this point of telling them the truth. That London has beautiful parts, but that like any city, it has plenty of not-so-beautiful areas too. That it is extremely busy and not idyllic or quaint. That there are more beautiful parts of the country outside London and that London is not representative of the rest of the country in terms of style, architecture, landscape, people.

Of course, these lovely American chicklets (my word for those just starting out in life) did not want to hear that, they wanted to hear about their fantasy London where they would go one day and it would be so very cool. I felt a bit sad that I hadn’t supported that fantasy because while London is not all that they dream, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the dream that matters.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | London Mayfair 
Pose | **Manifeste** Model 686 (Manifeste Mainstore)
Bag | ::C’est la vie !:: messy bag (C’est la vie Mainstore)
Boots | BUENO Fringe Boots Pink (Bueno Mainstore)
Socks | *MUKA* Garter Socks (*MUKA* Mainstore)
Sunglasses | Izzie’s Retro Sunglasses (Izzie’s Mainstore)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Mills (Hairology, 10-30 August)
Shorts | Vinyl – Britt Shorts [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/TMP] (The Liaison Collaborative, 7-31st Aug)
Hoodie | Vinyl – King Hoodie [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/TMP] (The Liaison Collaborative, 7-31st Aug)


Ahoy! I want to tell you about Vinyl’s Britt Shorts and King Hoodie which are available right now at The Liaison Collaborative. The shorts are available in a load of different colours and are a great fit. I love how they look slouchy and casual. The Hoodie comes with various textures in the HUD if you buy the fatpack (and I should think you are able to buy them individually too). I love how cute the textures Vinyl uses are – they remind me of being a kid without the garment itself feeling childish. Luuush.

KoKoLoReS has the ‘Mill’s Hair at Hairology this month. It’s a short style with a longish front and a raised crown which is kind of reminiscent of the 60s, but it’s just a nod to that era, mostly it’s modern.

Here’s a couple more pics  – click to see them larger.

And finally, my jigging for the rigging video. I don’t think anything will fall out unless I have put my keys in the ‘boob’ pocket again – it happens.

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | London the Fantasy

  1. In a way, a lot of Brits have or used to have similar fantasies about making it big in America, which used to be seen as the Land of Opportunity. So it’s interesting to read about fantasy London! I don’t suppose Harry Potter’s exploits have made it less fantasy with flying around on broomsticks over London in a totally cool way *laughs*

    Hmm, thought I saw a bunch of keys go flying then!

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