Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Foggy Morning Walk

Foggy Morning Walk

Good Tuesday to you blog reading people! It’s been a busy one so far (double Monday following the Bank Holiday here in the UK) and so this might be a quicksmart, double-time blog post.

I love finding new places in Second Life to go visit and during a chat with my friend Tracy the other day, we swapped some landmarks and ‘The Trace’ was one she gave me – it’s a fabulous place for exploring and if it wasn’t so foggy, you could see more of it in my pic, haha. Trust me to pick a foggy day.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | The Trace
Pose | Grafica Cyfrol i (Men Only Monthly, til 15 Sept)
Bag | BUENO -Handbag -Cream (Bueno Mainstore)
Dog | JIAN Lively Labs :: Adult (Companion) RARE (The Arcade – Gacha Galley offsim, from 1 Sept)
Bangles | Fishy Strawberry Bangles Wood Brown c. 2008, but you can try (Fishy Strawberry Mainstore)
Boots | ISON Leather Knee Boots – Grey (ISON Mainstore)
Hair | Elua Kira Hair (Elua Mainstore)
Dress | {Reverie} Leighton Dress [Mait/2Sli] (Uber, 25 Aug – 22 Sep)


Ok first off, Reverie’s new ‘Leighton’ Dress for Uber is just perfect for the upcoming Autumn months. I don’t know about you, but I’m so looking forward to the more subtle fashions and colours of Autumn – not that I haven’t loved all the Summer gear too. I’m wearing the Maitreya Lara fit in my pictures, but you can also get it in Slink Physique and Hourglass options and it’s a good fit. I did find that due to the design around the boobies, I had to reduce mine slightly (the chain was digging into me haha – kinda kidding – but it did sit better with slightly more average breasts) but I love love love the cape and dress with their tangible softness and lovely subtle textures and colours.

I’m also a huge fan of Jian’s Lively Labs which are a release for The Arcade this coming round. I’m showing the adult rare companion in my photos because I really didn’t want to be taking a load of pups out in such foggy weather. I can’t imagine the mischief they might get up to. I did do a Youtube vid for a friend on FB though and so I’m going to post that here too – it’s got all the puppies you could wish for in it.


Here’s my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot for the outfit – click to see me huge.


And finally, here’s my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video. I can’t imagine anything can fall out of this snug little outfit, but let’s see shall we?

2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Foggy Morning Walk

  1. I’m only behind by a day *laughs* – not out of holiday mode, yet. I arrive back to zounds of blogging as well, no shortage of creativity in my sponsors. Nice to see the new Autumn stuff coming in. Love the Barbie with pups vid ❤

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