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ReadMeri Addams Barbie and Tia

“Aaaaarghhh! Sh*t! No! Get off meee!” I screamed at the spider as it crawled lazily up my arm at 2am. I’m just glad I was awake and reading; had I been asleep, it might have nested in my ear or – god forbid – crawled into my mouth.

I spent half an hour with my spider catcher sitting on the bed peering around, hoping it would come back so that I could give it a new home outdoors and then go back to sleep in peace, but no. The eight-legged freak showed no signs of wanting to return from between my bed and the wall.

I vacated the room, dragged my bedding downstairs and set up on the sofa which is long but not very deep and after reading and smoking for a while, I managed to fall into an uneasy sleep full of hairy-leg horrors and probably got about 3 hours before my neighbour started banging around.

I’m so tired. I’m going to have to go to sleep at some point, somewhere, but the idea isn’t appealing so far. Maybe it’d be easier to simply move out. Boris… you win, I’m just too tired to fight for the territory.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Maison de L’amitie
Hair | tram C429 shell (Tram Mainstore)
Boots | REIGN Fiona Boots Black (Reign Mainstore)
Dress | Addams Barbie Dress [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/TMP] (Uber, 25 Aug – 22 Sep)
Jacket | Addams Tia Mini Leather Jacket [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/TMP] (Uber, 25 Aug – 22 Sep)
Necklace | **RealEvil** Lumis Cats Necklace (Cosmopolitan Event, 28 Aug – 10 Sept)


Addams new release for Uber is the Tia Mini Leather Jacket and Barbie Dress. Wearing a bolero with a dress isn’t my usual style so I was surprised when I put it on and found I really liked it. Not only that, I felt a little like a matador.

Then, I got a genuine compliment from Frank (I mean Thom… yes that is still ongoing) about the outfit and it kinda sealed the deal. Fabulous colours, shiny texture, I commend them to you.

RealEvil’s Lumis Necklaces are on sale now at the Cosmopolitan Event until the 10th September. Each design comes with a HUD where you can change the metal, pendant colour and the amount of glow that shows when it’s dark. I took a few pics so you can see what I mean. Before I put it on I was concerned it would be like the full bright jewellery a la 2008, but it’s not – rest assured, it’s a classy piece that can glow when it’s dark if you want it to, and not if you don’t.

Here’s some extra pictures including the ‘well lit, no shit’ shot. Click to see them larger.


And finally, my ‘jigging for the rigging’ of the day – let’s throw it up in the air and see what comes down.

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Mellow Yellow

  1. Now I’m jealous of that spider… but sure if I was a spider, I wouldn’t be crawling on your arm… just to mention that about “furry legs”… THEY AREN’T FURRY… ☺!!!
    Great shoots and vid as usual Meri!!

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