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My black cat is 17 years old. As the years have progressed, she’s improved her temperament in many ways – she used to bite and scratch with no real provocation, attacking people who came to my house – and now she’s a more gentle soul, more relaxed and she lets me touch her feet occasionally (a real honour).

I’m happy about that for both of us. However, she has also begun pretending she doesn’t know how to do things. I have a door curtain between my conservatory and living room because when the door is open, a lot of heat would come into the house otherwise. She sat there the other day making some half-hearted attempts with her nose to show she couldn’t move the curtain and looking around at me, quite clearly saying ‘Come and move this curtain for me, human feeder’.

You might think that maybe now she’s old she finds it difficult physically to move the curtain, but if I’m in the kitchen preparing food with the door shut, she stands on her back feet like a squirrel and beats the crap out of the door with her front paws.

Seems to me that my cat is suffering from the same thing as my Mum who pretends she doesn’t know how to do things like reset her HD recorder at the plug, can’t sort through items that need sorting, can’t drive far, but who can go out and party with me and my friends when the opportunity presents. Hmm… going to have to keep an eye on that when I get older. I’m calling it ‘NoYouDoIt-itis’

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | (marukin) royal fur pose set (Marukin Mainstore)
Hair/Hat | little bones. Ultraviolence (Little Bones Mainstore)
Outfit | {Reverie} Glasswings Collection – full details below (The Arcade – Gacha Galley offsim, from 1 Sept)

{Reverie} ‘Glasswings’ #2 Monarch Dream Dress RARE [Mait/2Sli]
{Reverie} ‘Glasswings’#7 Wing Earrings
{Reverie} ‘Glasswings’ #6 Monarch Hand Accessories
{Reverie} ‘Glasswings’ #3 Monarch Dream Tiara
{Reverie} ‘Glasswings’ #10 Monarch Heels [Mait/Sli]


The Arcade opens today and I’m sure by now you’ve seen a ton of things you want. This ‘Glasswings’ set by {Reverie} is a full fashion collection featuring butterflies. I wore it out last night and Thom said ‘Your dress could do with a can of RAID’. Tsk. What do boys know?

Here’s the gacha key for the set.


And here’s a couple more pics, one being the ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

And finally, a jigging in the rigging video for you!

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