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So, I have a sort of funny story about this. I was at EverWinter, setting up this shot when I was disturbed RL (I know, you’re thinking I’m disturbed in all lives) so I had to go AFK for a short while.  When I came back a woman had IM’d me so I replied and she said that I hadn’t rezzed for her, but that she could tell I had this hair on because that part had rezzed. I confirmed it was indeed this hair and she said ‘very sexy’. Now… I was a little confused because I didn’t know if she meant the hair was sexy, or the fact I was unrezzed with hair was sexy, or the fact I was naked and crouched with this hair was sexy. So I didn’t reply.

Socially awkward situations in SL #6742

And yes, I do know leaving naked crouched Meri alone in a public sim is simply asking for trouble, so I got off lightly.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Everwinter
Pose | Crawling Kitty – old pose by Saffron Foxclaw
Panties | Blueberry Mykonos Black Panties common (The Arcade – Gacha Galley offsim)
Styling | [RunAway] Enchantress Hair & Tattoos (We love RP, 4 – 30 Sept)


So, RunAway’s release for We Love RP this round is named ‘Enchantress’ and comprises a full body tattoo including face for Maitreya, Belleza and Catwa, plus layers and the hair with headpiece which comes with a choice of 7 different colour HUDS. To me, once it was all on, it said ‘Wild woman with GHD hair straighteners’ so that’s the look I went for 😀 I’m sure on you guys it will look more Enchantressy haha.

The panties I’m wearing in the ‘well lit, no shit’ shot below are by Blueberry at The Arcade this round. You can see the full set here. So, click to see me huge!

Oh Edit! I’ve been told that the Enchantress is a character from Suicide Squad after posting my blog – so much for my knowledge of movies eh?



And finally, a jigging for the rigging even though the only rigged thing is the hair and I’m unlikely to fall out of that 😀




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