Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Roll up, Roll up!


“It’s the last ride of the day, roll up, roll up, form an orderly queue”

I’ve always loved words and when I was a teenager, my best mate and I would walk across the park in the centre of town to go to the funfair when it arrived. As she was scared of heights but enjoyed a thrill, we’d end up on the Waltzer, which would always be staffed by dangerous-looking boys who walked the rising and falling cakewalk of the ride with seeming ease, pausing by the carriages of the girls to spin and spin until you felt dizzy. The cry of the man on the loudspeaker ‘The louder you scream, the faster we go’ resonated strangely in my head as if it epitomised the whole fairground experience and I’m sure, one day, I’ll find a good use for it.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Rixendale Funfair
Pose | [KoKoLoReS] Strong Woman Pose Set (KoKoLoReS Mainstore  :KoKoLoReS Marketplace)
Hair | RunAway Vanessa (Whore Couture Fair – Back to School Edition, til 1 Oct)
Boots | (red)Mint ePunk Boots and Socks (RedMint Mainstore)
Choker | **RealEvil** Leather String Choker (Whore Couture Fair – Back to School Edition, til 1 Oct)
Shorts | **RealEvil** Bad Girl Shorts [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Whore Couture Fair – Back to School Edition, til 1 Oct)
Top | **RealEvil** Bad Girl Top  [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Whore Couture Fair – Back to School Edition, til 1 Oct)


Well, the Whore Couture Fair is back in town and this time it’s the ‘Back to School’ edition. I’m sure if I said most of the stuff there is sexy to the point of cripes, you’d know what I mean.

RealEvil’s offering for the event is the Bad Girl Top and Shorts, along with a leather string choker. The shorts are really great. You can get them so the pockets say some rude things, but I chose this red texture as I felt it looked eyecatching and I didn’t want to be too brazen. (What do you mean ‘since when’?)

RunAway’s Vanessa hair is a beautiful ponytail with headband and once I had it on I had to wear it for several days, it was that good. So you could wear it to go back to school, or you could wear it just cus… and I’m not going anywhere near a school again.

Here’s some more pictures including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.


And finally, my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video, designed to catch out any flaws in the fit. I’m thinking RealEvil know what they are doing, but let’s find out.

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Roll up, Roll up!

      1. We had festivals rather than fairs. So in Hong Kong, I remember the excitement of the dancing dragons and fireworks and all the special food. Although I did annoy my mum one day by complaining loudly about the finches on sticks – I’ve always been in tune with small birdies and couldn’t bear to eat them. My mum dragged me off to watch something else and we never went to that food stall again *laughs*

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