Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | After You


I’m going to be careful in what I say here, because I’m directing today’s sermon to those folks who still make a go of exhibiting ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour, and I would hate to put anybody off making those little extra efforts with manners that mean so much.

It’s not always good to say ‘After you’. Only sometimes. Don’t worry, I have examples!

You are approaching the door to a restaurant, you reach it first. You open the door and stand back and say to your companion ‘after you’. 

You are walking along a path which narrows, you fall back a little and say ‘after you’.

You are approaching the self-service counter of a buffet, you both reach for a plate at the same time, you say ‘after you’.

You reach the checkout at a busy supermarket and someone arrives at the same time, with a small basket of goods, you say ‘after you’.

All the above examples would be a good use of the words ‘after you’ in my opinion.

The next, not so much…

You are going to climb a set of stairs with your companion, you stand back and say ‘after you’. She then feels vulnerable, knowing her backside is facing you and possibly you can even see further up her skirt than she intended. It’s more polite to say ‘this way’ and take the lead. Yes, even if she’s wearing jeans.

And why am I raising this issue which must be a tiny weeny percentage of instances? Well, it’s not. Surprisingly I see it all the time, even on television. Men think that ‘after you’ is the standard polite response to any given situation, and it often is, except when it involves stairs.

Step up guys! Stop copping a sneaky look, cus we know 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Royal Opera and Gardens
Pose | (marukin) bella looks on my back – main shot (Marukin Mainstore)
Pose | grafica – cwyr dau iv – other shots (Men Only Monthly, 20/9 – 15/10)
Hair | +elua+ Abigail Light Blonde (Elua Mainstore)
Bag | DAMI Heartbag (Kustom9, 15/9 – 10/10)
Shoes | Astralia Sara Ankle Boots (Kustom9, 15/9 – 10/10)
Dress | Addams Romina Mesh Dress [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/TMP] (N21 Event, til 12/10)


Which came first? The Sermon or the Picture? Well, the picture actually. Addams Romina Dress is a lovely short evening style dress suitable for dates and evenings on the town. A lot of the detail of this design is in the back of the garment (although the front is decidedly acceptable too) and so I wanted to take the main picture showing you the back view.

You can get this Addams dress in all the mesh body sizes – Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza Venus, Isis and Freya and the TMP body too. It’s also in a heap of colours and it’s at N21 until 12th October.

Grafica’s Cwyr Dau poses are for men, but as with many of Grafica’s pose sets, it’s easily unisex. If any of you look at the poses below and think ‘bloke’ I’d be surprised 😀 They are at Men Only Monthly right now.

Here’s some extra shots, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot – click to see them larger.


Finally, here’s my jigging for the rigging video, let’s see what stays in and what makes a bid for freedom. After you…



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