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So today is a twofer, cus it’s a Friday and I felt it should happen today. Friday should mean something good happens! My regular DJ at the club can’t make it tonight, so I’m thinking I might strut on over to see my friend Kess play at Blithe. She probably won’t need me to bring along my own music, so maybe I can leave the ghetto blaster at home.

In other Friday news, I’m going to make a Mediterranean sausage casserole for dinner tonight. It’s well easy and fragrant with the warm flavours of smoked paprika and tomato, and vibrantly textured with bell peppers, onions, sweetcorn, mushroom and of course, the occasional sausage. Mmm.

Why am I always hungry?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Cuidad Del Pecado – adult only
Pose | XXY – Who is the Girl (Retro Rewind, Depraved Nation, 24 Sept – 15 Oct)
Stereo | .:Pulse:. Ghetto Blaster / Shoulder pose (Retro Rewind, Depraved Nation, 24 Sept – 15 Oct)
Hair | [RunAway] Jane V2 Blondes (RunAway Mainstore : RunAway Marketplace)
Waistchain | !APHORISM! Bijou Collection – Moonstone Waist Chain (Aphorism Mainstore : Aphorism Marketplace)
Earrings | :Z.S: Lightning Bolt Earrings with HUD (Retro Rewind, Depraved Nation, 24 Sept – 15 Oct)
Leggings | .:* LOULOUCO *:. Leggings Davina [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/TMP/5ss] (Retro Rewind, Depraved Nation, 24 Sept – 15 Oct)
Shoes | PHEDORA Qendra Heels wi. HUD [Mait/Bell/Sli] (Retro Rewind, Depraved Nation, 24 Sept – 15 Oct)
Top | BUENO Crop Tee Always Hungry Coral [2Sli/Fitmesh] (Uber, 25/9 – 22/10)


An abundance of items in this post today for Retro Rewind by Depraved Nation. Worthy of note today the Pulse Ghetto Blaster with shoulder pose (or hand pose not shown) – it doesn’t play tunes, but it’s great for styling! The XXY Who is the Girl Pose Set is great, of course, this one is modified by the Ghetto Blaster Pose on the arm, so… yeah imagine it without that and you’re there.

I liked the Lightning Bolt Earrings by Z.S. and the mesh leggings by LOULOUCO, both of which are very 80s. The leggings, incidentally, needed a complete alphaing underneath, but I was still pleased with the end shape.

Loving Phedora’s Qendra Heels too, which are also 80s themed, but honestly… they fly in any decade ❤

Bueno’s Crop Tee is available now in a ton of textures and some plain colours too at Uber. You can see the material detail below in a close-up, I found this gave it the edge over other similar design crop tops for me 🙂 It fits pretty well on my Maitreya Lara, but I did do some alphaing around the shoulders and upper arms which is a bit visible in my video below.

The Aphorism Bijou Collection was for a gacha I think, back in the day. Your ability to find it might therefore depend upon that, what I mean is, I don’t know if it’s in the mainstore, you might have to have a poke around on marketplace!

The hair by RunAway is not a new one by any means, I’ve had it at least a year probably longer and I bought it and wear it still for the subtle suggestion of movement it offers, without it looking stupid and improbable when you stand still.

Here’s some close ups and the well lit, no shit shot. Click to see them larger.


And here is my jigging for the rigging silly vid. Not holding out much hope of that tshirt coping with my breast physics… place your bets folks.

2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Always Hungry

  1. *Appreciates the jigging”
    “I’m going to make a Mediterranean sausage casserole for dinner tonight.” What a good idea, and I hope it turned out well 🙂 Miss Fairy thinks its too early on in the year for casserole though *laughs*

    1. Yay, thx for your appreciation. It was a gorgeous casserole and quite light in comparision to a slow cooker stew – which I’m going to do tomorrow if this cold weather keeps up. Miss Fairy probably just hasn’t tried it before and would love it if she did! 😀

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