Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Autumn Jumper


Some years ago, my Mum bought me a fridge magnet. It read ‘The more I know about men, the more I love my cats’. I thought it a touch insensitive at the time, I was not long married and felt he might be offended by it.

However, as with many things, my Mum is right. I’m not talking about a mega ‘I’ve been wronged by a mayyyn’ kind of thing, just… guys… why do you have to be so annoying?

You’d think that at least this kind of man frustration would be isolated to my own personal relationships too, wouldn’t you? But no, apparently any man who crosses your path in life feels he has the right to bring his bucket of crap to your door and then, somehow, act like it’s your fault when he can’t solve his own issues.

I have to say men, please, women are not all extensions of your Mum (some of you will be glad of that news, I’m sure) and our world does not revolve around you. No, not even if we’re sleeping with you. And especially if we’re not. And nor should it, that ain’t healthy.

If you are a man who has not brought a bucket of shit to my door and then taken it out on me for you being a cock, I’m in the frame of mind to think that this is because you’ve not had the opportunity as yet. But, to be fair, this song is most likely not about you.

Peace out Brothers 😉

Oh my Mum bought herself a fridge magnet too. That one is classic. It says ‘I love you more today than I did yesterday… Yesterday you really pissed me off’.

Does my heart good to have a little rant sometimes 😀 Bring on the happy tunes ❤

And P.S. I am going away for a few days so there will be no blog tomorrow, Wednesday and possibly Thursday, depending on what time I get back. Have a fashionable few days folks x

What to wear in Second Life today?

Tramp | Purple Poses + ME Trampoline (Purple Poses Mainstore)
Pup | Jian Lively Labs – Chocolate Wander Pup (Jian Mainstore : Jian Marketplace)
Top | Eaters Coma – Sweatshirt w/shirt Grey [Mait/1Sli/TMP/4ss] (Uber)
Socks | AviCandy Overknee Socks – Colour Collection [Sli/Bell/Mait/Omeg/Lay] (AviCandy Mainstore : AviCandy Marketplace)
Hair | *Besom – Fallen Blondes (Besom Mainstore : Besom Marketplace)


Looking for some great new hair? Besom Fallen comes in colour HUD options – Acid, Blacks, Blondes, Browns, Colors, Mermaids, Muted Gingers, Reds, Samples and Washed Out. Also it comes with breasticles and less breasticles versions 😀 You can find it in the Besom Mainstore or on Marketplace.

AviCandy Overknee socks are shown with a red from the colour collection, but you can also get neutrals (more earthy colours) and ripped versions at the mainstore. Each HUD contains 12 colours!

I bought the Eaters Coma sweatshirt with shirt at Uber, it seems to come in 5 colours, but all of them on the black – white spectrum, the undershirt is controlled via HUD and there are 14 choices, 7 check and 7 plain. Autumn cosiness abounds.

The Purple Poses Trampoline is perfect for picture taking, as each pose is static not animated.

Here’s some more pics and a well lit, no shit shot – click to see them larger.


And finally, my jigging for the rigging video. Thank goodness I wasn’t too tired after all that bouncing!

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