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You know how you can get a bit down in the dumps sometimes… cus, life! Well, I was on SL last night doing my set and first off, I got there to find some of my friends waiting for me. That’s a kindness and a sweetness I really appreciated, cus it’s not always fun starting off in an empty club and just hoping somebody shows. A little later, another friend came in and I know she only logs on once or twice a week, but most often she comes on for my set. Is it cus I’m such a fabulous DJ and she wants to hear my tunes? Probably not. I think she comes to show her support and have a catch-up. She’s also been very kind to me in RL.

Anyway… the point of this is, if you hadn’t got it already – Life can be shitty, but if your friends are good to you, it makes a whole ton of difference. So, thanks guys ❤

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Gay Rural Hangout by The Smith Boys 
Pose | RK Poses – Brea 6 (RK Poses Mainstore)
Bag | David Heather Vache Bag Sienna (David Heather Mainstore)
Fox | JIAN Red Fox Companion – plus other options (Fameshed, 1-27 October)
Outfit | !APHORISM! Chunky Knit Cardigan/Autumn Cami Dress [Mait/2Sli/2Bell] (The Seasons Story, Today – 31 Oct)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Demi Hair with leaves (The Seasons Story, Today – 31 Oct)
Boots | ISON Leather Knee Boots Dark Brown (ISON Mainstore)


So you may be wondering what I was doing at ‘Gay Rural Hangout by The Smith Boys’ and the answer is simple. I’m always on the lookout for new and pretty sims in which to take blog pictures (there’s a limit to how many scenes I’m able to build y’see) and I searched for Autumn and found this sweet place. I was afeared that somebody might turn up and throw me out but nobody did and I had a charming walk, discovering several photo-worthy locations before I settled on this one.

The Jian Red Fox Companion is a part of a set by Jian for Fameshed this round. It’s quietly animated (it doesn’t leap around, but it does have various movements it makes while it moves alongside you) and you can also get wandering foxes and cuddlesome foxes. Nice!

KoKoLoReS have embraced the season beautifully with this new ‘Demi’ hair which comes with leaves. You can remove the leaves too, but why would you want to while the air is so crisp and the myriad of nature’s colour palette is in full sail? Yeah, I went on a bit then. But it’s such cute hair. You can get it at The Seasons Story right now and all month.

Aphorism’s Chunky Knit Cardigan and Autumn Cami Dress are also out for your inspection at The Seasons Story. Each part of the outfit comes in various colour choices and, for example with the cardi – you can have matching pockets or contrasting pockets and cuffs. You can also wear each part separately from each other, although if you choose to wear the cami dress in this weather with no cardi, it’s your own fault when you catch a chill. Go get the goods!

Here’s some extra photos, plus my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot, for you no shit big hit hotties 😀


I think I’m turning into Dr Seuss. For Ruce Kaboose. Now vamoose (after watching the ‘jigging for the rigging’ video).

8 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Cosy Posy

  1. This is what friends are supposed to be for, right? 🙂 I couldn’t drop there last nite, but I will as usual next times.. Hope you getting through some less pleasurable things and… that cardigan! Oh my.. :))

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