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My best friend and I used to sit around. Sure, we’d walk and sometimes for miles, but then we’d find somewhere familiar and sit down. Often in a loading bay – the large expanses of concrete and dipped position from the road allowing us a good view without being viewed so much ourselves. There, we’d smoke any cigarettes we’d managed to get, talk about boys and basically wait until our bums got numb.

I’m reminded of this if I have to sit any time on a cold hard surface.

It’s her birthday in a few days, she will be (for six months) a year older than me. When we were in our teens, she’d tell people she was a year older than me and I’d say “Six months”. Now I remind her each birthday that she is older than me 😀 I guess neither of us realised that she who laughs last, laughs longest.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Take Heart Sim
Hair | Lamb. Faded (Collabor88)  or (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)
Ring | (Yummy) Jack’s Typewriter Ring (Yummy Mainstore)
Necklace | Mandala Kotowari Necklace (Mandala Mainstore)
Boots | !APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots Brown (Aphorism Mainstore : Aphorism Marketplace)
Pants | Blueberry – Tali Leather Pants (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Shirt | Blueberry – Blaire Full Blouse [Mait/2Sli/2Bell] (Collabor88)  or (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)


Do you remember a blog I did a few days ago featuring a Blueberry skirt and Vinyl top that went together and were at Collabor88? Well, the Blueberry Blaire Full Blouse is another part of that whole collection available now at C88. It comes with a tucked version to go with the skirt at C88 and an untucked version which is made to work with Blueberry jeans. I chose the Tali leather pants which came out recently at their mainstore.

Aphorism’s Leather Ankle Boots are a long-time fave of mine, they’re exactly the sort of thing I’d wear and wear in RL with jeans, if only I had them in RL.

You can’t see a ton of the sim ‘Take Heart’ in this picture, but it’s so pretty and well worth a visit. It’s romantic if you want a wander, it’s great for pictures and nice for a walk of a Sunday.

Here’s a couple more pics including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot. Click to see them larger.


Finally, here is my jigging for the rigging video… you know what to do!

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