Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Witchin’ is Bitchin’


So, apparently, according to one gent who reads my blog, he didn’t know I was involved in AAi – An Alternative Indie Club. He must skip the words and only look at the pictures I reckon!

If you too didn’t know and are on SL at Euro-zone hours (1-3pm slt, 9-11pm UK time) we have a DJ each night normally and they’re all great. I mean that sincerely. We’ve been going since Spring 2009 and it’s a warm and relaxed place to hang out with lots of chat.

If you’d like to come and say hi, please drop in any time and let me know you know me from here or I won’t make the connection, ‘cus I’m a bit DOH!

Teleport to AAi – An Alternative Indie Club in Second Life

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Invictus
Hair | TKW Troost Colours HUD 1 (Tres Chic Venue)
Outfit | Blueberry Secret Spell Gacha Items, details below (The Epiphany, Oct 15 – Nov 15)

Meri wears:
#1 Blueberry Secret RARE Dress Black
#5 Blueberry Secret RARE Boots Cherry
#11 Blueberry Secret COMMON Hat Black
#16 Blueberry Secret COMMON Panties Black
#21 Blueberry Secret COMMON Armlets Black
#27 Blueberry Secret COMMON Broom CherryBlack

Available in Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, isis, Physique and Venus. I altered the pose on the broom a little, usually both hands hold the broom, but I’m a devil may care kinda girl.

So, you know how it works at Epiphany by now. I’m sure. If not, you can find out more about it on the Epiphany Website.


Blueberry’s Secret Spell Gacha contains some wonderful individual items as well as all coming together to make a bitchin’ Witchin’ outfit. For instance, I’d wear the dress and boots any time – even when I’m cleaning the bathroom and just feel like looking special.

Also *coughs* you can wear the dress even if you don’t win the panties…

Here’s some more pictures including a ‘well lit, no shit’. Click to see them larger.


Here’s my jigging for the rigging, while I’m a bitchin’ witch.

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