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My neighbour is a pain in the ass. He was doing his kitchen work (mainly slamming drawers, cupboard doors and crockery in his sink) at 3.30am. I swear the man never sleeps. He seems to be able to be a noise nuisance from midnight through to 7.30am and then go to work.

I crawled from my cosy pit late today and my dis was a little gruntled. Since getting up, I have tried and failed to have sympathy for his nocturnal wanderings. Why can he not be a considerate insomniac like I am when it strikes?  I read my Kindle or make myself a peanut butter sandwich or clean the bathroom (quietly).

Ok, there was that one time I misjudged my sleepy cleaning arm movement and knocked all the shampoo and conditioner bottles into the bath and it made a huge noise, but that was only one time.

My plan now instead of complaining or knocking on the wall is to befriend him and get to the point where I’m able to make his dinners. I will then drug him lightly so that he sleeps better… this is a plan, right?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Glasses | [EmilyHearts] Vintage Glasses (EmilyHearts Mainstore)
Shorts | Vinyl Ella Boyshorts (Vinyl Mainstore : Vinyl Marketplace)
Top | LeP Strappy Bralette – Food (LeP Mainstore)
Hair | *Besom Bae – Baddie Gacha – Blondes HUD (Epiphany, 15 Oct – 15 Nov)
Scene | BUENO Day is Gone Gacha, details below (Epiphany, 15 Oct – 15 Nov)

Items shown from the Bueno – Day is Gone Gacha:

BUENO Fall Chair White
BUENO-Standup Player-Light
BUENO-Wood Wall Art -Pop
BUENO-Wine is Fine Deco
BUENO-Fall Table-Light Wood
BUENO-Cat Deco Jar
BUENO-Fall Rug Lines
BUENO – No Worries Sky Box RARE


So, you want to know more about the BUENO ‘Day is Done’ Gacha do you? Well, so you should, there’s some very cool decor and home style items here. Here’s the key!


I’m not really blogging an outfit today, although of course I’ve credited the items I’m wearing, but I did want to show you the Bae hair by Besom which is one of their offerings at The Epiphany this round (along with the BUENO items of course). It’s dead cute, I love the bun knot on top of the head and as you can see I used the Blondes colour pack.

Here’s some more pictures – not including a well lit, no shit, cus it’s a hair and decor blog today! Click to see them larger.


3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Lazing

  1. That’s a great plan for your neighbour! Actually he probably doesn’t even register that he’s making a noise in the middle of the night and should be politely informed. Nice gacha from Bueno, too, seems a trip to Epiphany is in order 🙂

    1. Oh Moz, there’s so much nice stuff there, it could take from now to the 15th Nov for you to see it all though. And thanks, I’ll proceed with Operation Meatbal immediately 😀

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