Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Reducing Inventory Size


I want to talk to you today about Inventory Size. Yes, I capitalised it on purpose, because it’s a potentially big issue. Inventory size has an effect on loading times and also, how much strain is put onto your computer brain (see how techy I am!) when you access it in SL. If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly in and out of your inventory. Also, if you’re anything like me, it gets out of control fast.

I realised the other day that my invent was approaching 140k items (140,000 items – eek) and that something really had to be done about it as anything over 100k is considered ‘extremely large’ and not recommended. What if, while it was so large, some kind of unrepairable error occurred and I was unable ever to log Meri on again. Well, just the thought gave me shivers.

So, I set about things in the usual way… I deleted all layer clothing for a start – minimal impact upon the big number because I’d already done most of this during my last purge. I got rid of things I was no longer going to use – like stick on hooters, appliers for stick on hooters, clothes specifically for a mesh body I’d never use again. Then I got rid of all my standard sizing mesh – yeah, I ouched a bit at that one.

I looked at all my landmarks – they went right back to when I first started Second Life and contained a lot of history. So I took a deep breath and videoed them (to save the memories) and then deleted all but the most important.

I was most upset to find after quite a long time of working at it (about 4 of your earth hours) I had only reduced the number by 20k.

I was at the club that night, sulking about my lack of success when a friend came by who I don’t see often. Wolfie (Macker to most people) sympathised at my enormous inventory size and told me something that made a HUGE amount of difference, so I’m going to share it with you now.

If you are someone who makes outfit folders often (and I make one most days), each of the shortcuts contained in those folders counts as an item. Oh yes. Really.

I selected all the outfits I’d created up to a month or so ago and pressed delete… within seconds I was under 100k items. Just seeing it say 98K was like a little party in my pants. I will continue to work on my inventory, but I thought that might be something you could do and see a substantial return on your time investment 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | [LA] Enchanting Siren (Currently Closed)
Hair | *Besom Baby Face – Baddies Gacha (Epiphany, 15 Oct – 15 Nov)
Knicks | erratic Diana High Waist thong wi. pearls for Maitreya (erratic Mainstore)
Harnesses | **RealEvil** Cora Harness for Arms & Legs (Cosmopolitan Event 24 Oct – 5 Nov )


RealEvil’s Cora Harnesses for both arms and legs (sold separately) are available in 12 leather colours and 6 metal colours for the links. You can expect a quality fit, look and feel to these items – as always from RealEvil. Get them now at the Cosmopolitan Event til 5 Nov.

Besom (I know! Amazing!) has another hair in the Baddies Gacha at Epiphany, called Baby Face. It’s a huge wild curly style of the type I’d not normally wear unless I was feeling mermaidy. However, I was indeed feeling mermaidy this day. The reason I don’t wear such big hair normally is that it has real drama and impact and I always feel a bit odd in my tummy at making such a big statement. I’m more of a ‘girl next door’ kind of fashionista. But I just know you ladies are braver than me. Go forth and be fabulous.

Here’s a couple more pics to show you some details including a well lit no shit shot. Click to see them larger.


Finally, here’s the jigging for the rigging video. Pretty sure I buckled all those straps well enough and fixed my wig on firmly, but let’s see…


9 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Reducing Inventory Size

  1. Going to look g back in and to this. I thought I was being organised but actually I created more load with my outfit savings doh!!
    Handy tips there Meri 😊

  2. Yes, all great trips.. unfortunately, I have no saved outfits and most of my system layer clothing is gone and I’m still almost topping at 200k.. so yes.. I’m due for another serious cleaning very soon.

  3. Great tip by Macker there, I had loads of outfits from my modeling days so I got rid of all those and saved 10K WOWSER!! Other than that, with H&G I always keep the packed boxes they arrive in and unless there are any No Copy versions, I delete the stuff I’ve rezzed out having photographed and blogged. Stuff I really like and might use for my own decorating purposes, I have down on a notecard so I know more or less what I need and won’t be duplicating it.

  4. Although I always do allow it to get out of hand, this is something we should all work on from time to time. I hardly ever delete the outfits but I think I will proceed to this with those from at least two years ago. Xox

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