Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Dunk a duck


Hurrah for Friday! It’s the start of the weekend when we can just play and wash our ducks (not a euphemism).  I’d love to know what you have planned. Me? I’m just planning a quiet one. I hurt my back a little in the week and while I’m a load better, I think taking it easy might be a good idea.

Therefore I have plans to read extensively; I started reading Alan McDermott’s ‘Tom Gray’ series a few days ago and at only £1 each on Kindle, it’s a bargain, so I bought all 6. They’re fast-paced, fun  SAS-type thrillers.

I’m also planning on geeking out on my computer. I am currently playing SOMA, which is a really unusual Sci-Fi game – it looks like action, but it isn’t. It’s very atmospheric – it was on offer a few days ago when I bought it from Steam so maybe you could pick up a bargain if you fancied a bit of escapism. After that, I have Alien Isolation, where Ripley’s daughter goes to a space station thingy looking for some evidence of something and – shockingly – there are scary aliens! It got good reviews for people who like a combination of action and sneaking around and hiding like me.

Is there a part of me that feels like I should express myself more eloquently? Like, I should make a start on writing the book that is inside me (if only I could find it)? Is there a part of me that feels I should spend the weekend bringing my house up to scratch again? Do I wonder if reading thrillers and shooting aliens might not be the pinnacle of my personal achievement potential?

No dudes, not at all. It’s going to be spankin’.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Salomon Beach
Poses | DARE – Runway Poses – Edgy (DARE Mainstore)
Jewellery | **RealEvil** Anvoir Watch & Bracelets (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Face Jewels | .{PSYCHO.Byts}. harajuku facial stickers (.{PSYCHO.Byts}. Mainstore)
Boots | [Deadwool] Ulrich Boots Red – not for mesh feet ([Deadwool] Mainstore)
Hair | *Besom – Glam Kitten Washed Out HUD (Besom or Reign Mainstores)
Outfit | {Reverie} Autumn Heat Outfit [Mait only] (Fameshed, 1-27 Nov)


Let’s begin with *Besom’s Glam Kitten hair. Ok first off, I love it. As you can see, I’m wearing it unadorned, which isn’t unusual, however, with this hair, you get a cat face mask and I took a special pic of the hair with the mask so you can see it below. It’s a collaboration piece which is part of a set conceived by both Besom and Reign. I also popped along to Reign and bought the cat bodysuit, tail and the boots – 3 pairs – ankle, knee and thigh. I’m sure the boots will pop up very soon (Oh! I think the boots did, yesterday), but for now, go grab this hair with all due haste.

{Reverie} really spoil us you know. How? I hear you ask. Well… I am an indie chick and although I dress pretty much ‘girl next door’ style, I prefer something with a bit of edge, something very fashion conscious but not too try hard. I don’t like hard lines and sharp edges, I don’t really very much like the skirt/heels combo so adored by many of us in SL. I like something different. {Reverie}’s designs give you that in spades. As the ‘Autumn Heat’ outfit is designed specifically for Maitreya Lara, if you own such a chassis, you should go get this. I recommend the fatpack for the veritable array of choices – plain tops, graphics tops, textures of skirts etc.

Oh, one tiny tiny thing… the alpha auto applier thing went a bit wonky and so my nips stuck out of the tshirt. It is an error which is easily remedied via the body alpha HUD, but I thought I’d just go with it to add an almost punky edge. However, Thom told me I looked a right fart and to put them away, so I did that instead.

Here’s some pics including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot. Click to see them larger.


And finally, here is my jigging for the rigging. To be absolutely fair, there’s not much chance of anything popping out ‘cus I always alpha out legs and pelvis on a long skirt, it never looks natural when anything pokes out of those. It is pretty though, you can see the textures shining and have a little boogie.

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