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God, how I love Monday mornings. Naturally, I don’t much like having to set about my work, so I’m procrastinating by doing this first. You guys are like my warm up to several hours of writing about sensible things.

However, I have my trusty mug of tea and am ready to go. I just dreamed I was at a friend’s house in her bathroom (hiding, or possibly invisible, I don’t know) and a woman came in and she was very elegant and beautiful but she didn’t wash her hands after going to the toilet. I have NO idea what that might mean. I remember feeling a tiny bit smug about it though, like… ‘Ha, she ain’t all that then’.

My set at AAi went well last night. I always gauge this by purely how relaxed and happy the folks attending seemed to be, and they did seem to be so. When planning the tunes, I found one called ‘I come from Ireland’ by Raphael Doyle, it’s not even really a song, it’s more performance poetry I think, but it’s darn good if you have 8 mins to relax and listen. Here you go.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Meri on right:
Pose | DARE Runway Poses Edgy (DARE Mainstore)
Lingerie | Blueberry Flirt Bra and Panties Sky (Gacha resales)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Domino Hair – VIP Gift (KoKoLoReS Mainstore)

Meri on left:
Pose | DARE Runway Poses Edgy (DARE Mainstore)
Lingerie | erratic delice bra & thong nude for Maitreya (erratic Mainstore)
Hair | *Besom – Mallani (Sanarae Event, til 18 Nov)


It’s a twofer! I wanted to show you both of these hairs a.s.a.p. and so thought sod it, two heads are better than one indeed.

KoKoLoReS’s Domino hair is a VIP Group gift. This designer sometimes gives away special colour packs of hairs to VIP Group members and currently Domino is available in past notices to anyone who cares for it. However, at the moment there is a 250l$ charge to join the group – still worth it I think.

*Besom’s Mallani is at the Sanarae Event right now and for the next 11 days. I had it on with a white dress and after a short while, Thom said ‘Kim Basinger! That’s who you look like’. So there you have it, get this fabby Kim Basinger hair afore time runs out.

I’ve not done a well lit, no shit, nor a jigging for the rigging, cus… it’s hair and that doesn’t usually present any problems (for me anyway, hope it’s the same for you). Here are the two untouched individual shots though 🙂

Have a great Monday folks ❤

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6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri |Fire and Ice

  1. I was happy and relaxed!!! until I had to go do some work! And agree bout the’track’ that was a very interesting highlight ❤

    1. I was sad you had to go Kess, but know what a hard-working girl you are ❤ Lovely to see you (and for anyone thinking 'how sweet – the bloggers hang out' isn't it? But we have been friends for a good while before blogging.

  2. I used to dream a lot and still do though it comes in spurts, but I recall getting a lot of bathroom dreams at one time and for me they were always cleansing dreams..

    1. That sounds really positive Alexa. Most of my dreams are scary but it’s good to have one that I don’t get… maybe it was something to do with beauty only being skin deep… or something?!? ❤

  3. I find dreams really interesting and have studied them quite a bit over the course of life.

    As a rule, dreams about bathrooms suggest problems of an intimate and/or emotional nature, it suggests the state of our inner landscape if you like. If it’s a public bathroom, then it tends to be a situation to do with work or work relationships. If the bathroom is at home, then it is indicating something closer to home. What happens can be a pointer to solutions. If you saw another person, then the problems may be to do with your relationship or friendship with this person or person represented by the dream figure. She could also be an “ideal” that you’ve set yourself which is unrealistic at the moment, not necessarily to do with beauty but any desired goal in life. So she didn’t wash… that indicates she is not facing herself in some fashion or other. It could also be that she is so set on her ideal, that she misses the basic need at the root of that desire. Dreams can indicate or work out something that seems to be impossible to reach for in the waking hours because we can’t see the wood for the trees. That’s why dreams can sometimes leave a person calmer and more able to do what needs to be done in waking life. An unfocused need or want can start off as a dream, then be brought into action later on as the coalescing of an idea in the waking mind.

    1. Ooh Moz thank you. That is so interesting. Any of those things are potentially possible and I will pay attention in future. Last night I was looking after someone else’s baby, she was a bit naughty, but cute. Not expecting you to translate that for me, but thank you 😀

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