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Hey lovely readers, I hope you had a fabulous weekend and – if it wasn’t remarkable – I hope it was at least relaxing. I’m quite an undemanding homebody most of the time, so this weekend I spent much of it indoors, cooking delicious wholesome dinner type items and I watched some movies.

I tried, on Saturday, to get into High Rise (2016), a strange and, in places, downright unsettling movie about a 70s designed block of apartments where the more rich and influential you are, the higher up in the building you live, and the more desperate and struggling you are, the closer to the bottom you live. So far, it seems a fairly broad-brush, brash approach to talking about privilege and society, masquerading as something clever, but I may get further than halfway when I’m in a less picky mood.

At the halfway point  I decided that kind of sad, lonely, pseudo-intellectual crap wasn’t going to cut it for me and so I watched Cinderella instead (2015 – directed by Kenneth Brannagh) and that was much more my cup of tea 🙂 We could all do with a little magic in our lives!

On Sunday, I watched Star Trek Beyond (2016) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since Simon Pegg has been involved (he co-wrote this one as well as playing Scotty) it has that delicate touch in the slower more relationship-type scenes which brings humour and more than a tad of emotion, although I thought Spock was overdone in that regard in this movie, coming over as positively slushy at times. As McCoy would say (and did, about 200 times) ‘Good god man, pull yourself together’.

So, mini movie reviews there for you… I probably saved you a whole 3 minutes on Rotten Tomatoes! ❤

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | A Painter’s Link
Pose | DM Body Check (Del May Mainstore)
Earrings | Mandala Tefutefu [Half Price Sale] (Mandala Mainstore)
Shoes | REIGN Olympus Heels (Reign Mainstore)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Tori Hair wi opt Hairband – Bayalage HUD (Hairology, 10-30 Nov)
Outfit | Addams Tank Top Dress & Ice Cream Stockings [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Collabor88, til 6 Dec)


If you would like the freezing yet curiously sensuous feeling of ice cream dripping down your thighs, there is no better or more comfortable way to achieve it than through Addams new Ice Cream stockings. They are mesh and come with a HUD so you can choose your own mix of flavours/colours and the feet are removable too, which is good because I think (can’t swear to this) but think they are set at mid height and for some reason, most of my shoes are high or flat.

The Tank Top Dress by Addams is a gorgeous piece of work. The detail, the fit, the wrinkles all go towards making this a wardrobe essential. I also wore it with a leather jacket I previously got from Addams and it looked super if you want to ‘warm it up’ a bit in the cold weather. There’s a plethora of colours from which to choose and you can change the edging colour to contrast via HUD too.

My only very minor criticism is that there are no in-built knickers in this dress, which is only a problem because all my others showed through the dress. I settled on using my RealEvil Shield which gets a shedload of use in these days of tight mesh. I realise many people are happy to simply use the provided body alpha hud and disappear their foo, but Thom checks mine (really… every time, the perv) and is disappointed if it isn’t there to check upon. Of course, another useful option is applier knickers.

KoKoLoReS’s gorgeous Tori hair comes with an optional hairband and is a classic bob, both sexy and utilitarian. You can get it at Hairology as well as picking up a shedload of great hair gifts available at the event as it’s their anniversary. I got some lovely stuff!

Oh, and don’t forget Mandala’s half price sale!

Here’s my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot, click to see me larger!


And finally, here is a ‘jigging for the rigging’. Let’s see if we can make that ice cream slip a little further down my legs 🙂

I can make you ice-cream, we can be a sweet team…



2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Coffee & Cream

  1. I think you’d like the novel “High Rise” better than the film, Meri! It’s one of J. G. Ballard’s dystopian novels. Another one of his which I enjoyed is called “The Drowned World”. Both of them are really well written and engaging.

    1. Thanks Moz, I usually prefer the book to the movie, so this doesn’t surprise me. I might give the book a go… what holds me back slightly (at least right now) is that I’ve read Brave New World (Aldous Huxley) and 1984 (George Orwell) and while I thought they were both brilliantly written, the dystopian theme is generally contrary to my own ideas on life and progress. I’d like to think we can make things better… still… I read horror and murder and don’t go out killing people 😀

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