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I was just talking to a friend about a guy he knows from work, a ‘superior’ and someone who I met at a party once. He’s just had feedback from the teams on himself and so far, instead of that being taken on board, it’s been sent back with ideas of how they can make changes to avoid that being the case. The guy is a bit of a knob, frankly.

I said to my friend ‘He came over like someone with a special gift, one that means he can make each and every person he meets feel unimportant’. I personally think that using the same amount of time and only a tiny bit more effort, you can make folks feel good about themselves.

So I’m gonna go do that today. Watch out, here I come.

In other news, I dreamt I was in a big house thing and people I knew were there and I asked Iain, a friend and the SL AAi Club manager, if he knew anything about fostering children and he said that he did. I desperately wanted him to share what he knew with me, because it seemed that I really wanted to foster a child, but I kept being interrupted by people who had different things for me to do and woke up before he had a chance to tell me.

What do you make of that one, Moz?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Take Heart Sim
Poses | (marukin) [tulip] set (Kustom9, 15 Nov – 10 Dec)
Hair | Phoenix Natalia Hair Blondes (Hairology, 10 – 31 Nov)
Outfit | !APHORISM! Lore Dress, Coat and Scarf [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Whimsical Event, Nov 18 – Dec 8)


Well, obvs I want to tell you about this outfit from Aphorism, which is new for Whimsical Event. The Lore dress, coat and scarf can be worn separately, or together. The Lore Coats
are available in 6 colours, each colour coming with 10 cuff options (to match the dresses), a no cuff option and 2 button options.

The Lore Dresses are available in 5 solid and 5 patterned colours. Each dress comes with 6 colour options for the lower layer and the Lore Scarf comes with 12 colour options.

The configuration I’m wearing is almost how it came out of the box and normally, I’d not show that, but honestly, I did try all the colours and patterns and returned to this because I love blue so much. Blue is all.

Here’s a couple more pics plus a well lit no shit shot. Click to see them larger.


And finally, here’s my jigging for the rigging video. Most of my body is alpha’d out so I don’t anticipate any issues…

2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Bluegirl

  1. Beautiful pictures there, Meri.

    Hmm, the dream – fostering/adoption, where you want to foster rather than be fostered yourself, is to do with what you see as a lack of communication with somebody and the need for further conversation, in fact it seems imperative. You are concerned about someone, a friend perhaps, and although you can see a solution, it’s difficult for you to break through their reserved nature. It also might be a search on your part to get justice – either for yourself or for a loved one where the solution lays in the hands of somebody else at the moment, although it might not necessarily be always the case. Then there is also a school of thought that says dreams of wanting to adopt or foster someone, is a sign of coming family conflict/conflict in your social circle, but I am not altogether sure about that interpretation. See what works out because your will alone can alter the course of events and dreams are only possibilities that you’re working through in the resting state.

    1. Wow Moz! That’s so interesting and I’ll bear all of it in mind. I thought maybe it was literal, but it does seem odd it would come up at the moment when I’m not in a position to do any fostering. You’re good at this 🙂

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