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It’s coming around to that time of year when all our minds turn towards the same thing… yeah, trifle. In our house when I was a kid, my mum would make a trifle each frosty gift giving period (I can’t bring myself to say the C word yet, it’s still November) and it was always lush. However, it was also always orange. My dad insisted that she make the trifle using tinned orange segments as that was his favourite. She also taught him how to make the trifle (not that he ever did in those days) as he was so enamoured of it.

Then came the divorce when I was 10. Those occasions (as with many others) became divided – for me literally so. I’d spend a part of the big day with one parent and then the rest with the other.

They both made trifles.

My dad made the orange version my mum had taught him many years before, with the addition of chocolate sprinkles on top and he always used tinned sterilised cream for the topping.

My mum made a fresh raspberry trifle with demerara sugar and toasted almond flakes on the top, with whipped double cream as the topping.

As I grew older and reached adulthood, my parents had less direct things on which to compete (many of those frosty present giving days arrived when I’d get almost the same thing from both camps – to use at their house, bikes, computers etc.) and so they continued to compete with trifle.

I’d be asked by each ‘How do you like my trifle?’ and ‘Did your mum/dad make one too?’ and I knew what they wanted. They wanted me to say which I preferred and mostly, I kept mysteriously quiet about it, assuring each that their trifle was lovely and as a result, they both plied me with trifle, even giving me more to take home in a Tupperware container.

The real and actual truth of the matter is, I prefer the raspberry one. I love raspberries and I love toasted almonds. I do like the novelty of the sterilised cream on the one my dad makes, but really, raspberry wins. But who says no to more trifle?

Nobody in their right mind, that’s who.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Tortuga Bay
Pose | Poseidon Coffee M1 (Poseidon Mainstore)
Sweater | Emery Lana Turtleneck Sweater Grey (Collabor88, til 6 Dec)
Boots | ::LC:: Love Hate Sneaker Grey by Pinky Chrome (no longer available)
Hair | +elua+ Sena Light Blonde (Elua Mainstore)
Hairband | *TKW* Hansel Hair Accessory (Enchantment, Nov 12-30)
Drink | BUENO Warm Up Gacha ‘A girl and’ Coco Cup (Kustom9)
Cupcake | *FG* Cupcake-Chocolate (Frangipani Garden Marketplace)
Jeans | [Cynful] Anyday Skinny Jeans [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Cynful Mainstore : Cynful Marketplace)


So I was wandering through an airfield eating my lunch, as you do, when I took the picture above. I’m attempting to look casual when actually, I want to show you some stuff.

Cynful’s Anyday Skinny Jeans are a new release at their mainstore. They’re a good fit (although of course you need to alpha the legs) and I love love love how many colours and ombres they are available in. I mean, loads. If you were considering getting a pair, I’m thinking a quick comparision of the cost of one pair and the cost of a fatpack should be enough to convince you to go fat (not referencing trifle here).

Bueno aren’t helping keep my jeans skinny with their new Warm Up Gacha which is at Kustom9 right now. Mmm the cocoa cups are so sweet and lovely. There’s a wide variety and one of them even seemed to make me drunk!

Here’s another pic to show off the Bueno set, plus my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot – click to see them larger.

And finally, here is my jigging for the rigging video so you can see how it all hangs together when I let loose.



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