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Good day to you blog readers! I’m talking to you from the sick house today, where I appear to have at least partially succumbed to the lurgy that has been going around. My chest is so sore!

Yesterday I did a scary but fun thing – I decided to remodel the AAi garden and so simply removed everything in it. It’s quite a large space on a hill and so the very bareness of it both thrilled and scared me. This means it will be out of action for a wee while, so if you are someone who likes to visit it, sorry about that but I’ll say when it’s ready to receive you once more.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Asphyxiation Point Urban RP Sim
Pose | DARE Runway Pose 22 (DARE Mainstore)
Hair | tram MF921 Hair Blondes (tram Mainstore)
Shoes | fri. Daphne Platforms and Warmers Coal (Kustom9)
Outfit | Blueberry Tiffany Jacket & Skirt [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


Blueberry’s Tiffany Skirt comes in a choice of 40 colours/textures with 16 choices of panties colour and 18 colours of belt, plus 4 metal colours.

The Tiffany jacket comes in a choice of 19 colours, with 19 choices of the inner shirt and 7 shades for the necklace and zipper texture.

The necklace, shirt, belt and undies are all optional via HUD so you can remove or add them as you wish.

Here’s a couple more pictures including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot. Click to see them larger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And finally, here is my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video… let’s shake it up!



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