Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Is this yours?


Hey hey Blog Readers! Yes, I am back after more than a week to show you things. I’d love to say that I’ve been on a nice holiday, or so busy socially that I haven’t had time to blog, but sadly it was just a really horrid lurgy that laid me low. I’m on day 10 of the sickness now and showing definite signs of improvement.

I was even back in SL last night to do my set with the support of some of my closest friends in there. It felt good but by the end I was so tired I was glad to crawl into my bed and sleep.

I hope your preparations for Christmas (eek) are going smoothly. I had a mini breakdown yesterday, as I am prone to do just before Christmas. The enormity of everything I had to do hit me and I felt like it was insurmountable. Of course, this is horseshit, but I do put pressure on myself this time of year. My Christmas mantra is ‘I won’t put tinsel on a turd’ and in real terms, this means that I can’t put up the tree or any decorations until the house is cleaned to my satisfaction. So yeah… huge list of things, none of them fun.

But come Christmas, I should be chilled mon. And if not, I’ll simply drink til I don’t care.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Snowy Islands
Pose | GingerFish Euphoria 1 Curvy (GingerFish Marketplace)
Mouse | JIAN Merry Meeces Gacha – Hangin’ (The Arcade)
Ring | **RealEvil** Brooke Ring (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Tippet | *COCO* Fur Tippet & Pearls – old gift, try (COCO Mainstore)
Hair | tram c407 – wrecked for hat! (tram Mainstore)
Hat | #187# Cloche Hat, prev event, try (#187 Mainstore)
Shoes | Schadenfreude Spandau Ballet Flats, prev C88, can’t find mainstore!
Sweater | {Reverie} Knit Sweater – Storm [Mait only] (Tannenbaum, 25/11 – 25/12)
Jeans | Vinyl – Halsey Smoker Bootcut Jeans [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Uber, til 23/12)


So I wanted to show you the cutest jeans I’ve seen for a long time. Vinyl’s Halsey Smoker bootcut jeans are just the nuts. I love the fit, I love the textures, I love the little detail at the top of the thigh that doesn’t really have a name but is like the leg fell off and someone sewed it back on. They are so cool. Go get those if you like jeans! They’re at Uber right now.

Reverie have produced an adorable snuggly knit sweater in a Maitreya Lara fit only. It comes in a range of wintery shades and is out for sale at Tannenbaum. You might notice in the video below that I suffer a tiny amount of side rib show through when dancing in this top. It’s my own fault – I could have alpha’d that away. I could have, but I was lazy and I ate biscuits instead. So I’m sorry, but there you go, I’ve been sick!

If you love meeses to pieces then you should go check out Jian’s Merry Meeces gacha at The Arcade. They are meant to be for decoration but I wore one, cus that’s how I roll. They’re Christmassy, cute and you can see the gacha key in my slideshow below.

Thanks to the foxy Tracey Weston for her GingerFish Poses which make posing a positive pleasure ❤

Here’s more pics, including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, here is my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video, which as I already explained, I spoiled a little for a ha’peth of tar. Sorry Reverie. Sorry people. I do love you.

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