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My mum is adorable and the best one ever, we can get that out of the way before I begin. She, however, can be challenging. She’s not a beginner’s mother and I’m pretty sure I’m a beginner.

She called yesterday because she’d been watching a series on Sky+ (The Missing, it was called, it’s excellent if you want to get it on catch up) and she had binge watched five of them in one day but mistakenly had deleted the sixth and final episode.

Oh easy, you might think… just get her to go to the deleted section, find the episode and select ‘undelete’.

Well, after 15 minutes of attempting to make her stop talking and listen and another 5 of her saying that it wasn’t there/she couldn’t see it/there was no undelete option. I had to give up on that possibility.

Instead, I decided she might find it easier to re-download it from catch up. We negotiated that rocky piece of terrain with relative ease, and then she says ‘I’ve done this before and it asks for a pin and I don’t know what it is… I’ve tried…’ (and she reels off all the pin numbers she has tried). Hmm… I hit Google and find out how she can find out her pin number.

‘Ok’, I say to her ‘Ok, press the services button on your remote control’. There follows a pause. ‘I don’t have one’ she says. ‘You do’ I say. ‘No’ she says. I count to 5 and take a deep breath ‘You definitely do because I have seen it there on your remote control, near the top’. Another pause ‘Oh yes, and I’ve pressed it but it does nothing’.

Oh help me, help me, help me. I want to drive 59 miles to her house, whip the remote control out of her hand and press the sodding ‘Services’ button but alas, I cannot.

Then she interjects ‘Unless you want me to get rid of the other thing that was on the screen’ in a slightly shirty voice like I’m being stupid. ‘Oh yes’ I say, ‘Do that please and then press the Services button’. She does so and reports regally that the screen has now changed to the Services menu. We struggle through finding the right tab, right to her viewing card number and finally I’m able to say ‘Ok, so the last 4 digits of that number should be your pin number’.

‘So I should try that right now’ she says, ‘Yes’, I reply. ‘Nothing is happening’ says she. I’m confused. ‘I don’t mean put it in right now Mum, I mean that when you begin to open the programme you want to watch it says to put the pin in, so try to put the pin in at that point’

‘Ohhh, when it asks for it’ says she, ‘Well, I have stuff I should be getting on with now so I’ll try doing that later’.

Mother, I am so, so, sorry for having kept you from important business…

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Gates of Melancholy
Pose | Manifeste Model Pose 704 (Manifeste Mainstore)
Tattoo | Carol G Golden Butterflies (Carol G Mainstore)
Hair | *ARGRACE* Azami Hair Blondes (Argrace Mainstore)
Shoes | N-core Stiletto – Metal Cap [Mait/Bell/N-c/Sli/TMP] (N-core Mainstore)
Dress & Necklace | Cynful Wish Dress & Necklace (Collabor88, til 6 Jan)


As Christmas approaches fast, it’s good to have a sparkly little number in your inventory which you can whip out and vaguely cover your body in. Cynful’s Wish Dress certainly fills this requirement with aplomb. It also comes in a shedload of colours and ombres so you can have a little black dress or a little all colours of the rainbow dress. The front chain is removable via HUD and I think I’m correct in saying it comes with optional panties. You can get it and the matching necklace at Collabor88 right now.

Here’s a couple more pics including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

Finally, here is my jigging for the rigging video. If I had to bet on how much would stay inside that neckline when I jig, I’d guess not much at all, but let’s see eh?

12 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Wild Moors

  1. Lovely picture of you Readmeri! That is definitely a great sparkly little number to have in our wardrobes. Your mother sounds like a doll.. its fun catching my mom talking to her remote control. I don’t watch hardly any television, so I was very unfamiliar with programming your remotes to change channels by speaking to it. lol

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