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Hey I found a silver lining in a cloud and wanted to share it with you. I was talking to my (French) friend Elbe last night about how bad things have been on a macro scale of late, both for the UK in terms of Brexit and for the US in terms of Trump.

Now… I should say at this point that if you have voted for either of those things, I fear you have misplaced your trust and things will probably go very wrong, but if I am wrong, I’ll be delighted all round.

So, yes, I said to Elbe, that I felt somehow closer to my European cousins since the vote for Brexit, which is odd considering the nature of Brexit. To my surprise, she said she too feels closer to the Brits after Brexit – I suspect she feels sorry for us. I was immediately filled with a little more happiness than before, because this could be great.

For starters, it’s not always easy being the only country in Europe that the others all unite to dislike. It’s not easy coming last in Eurovision and knowing that half those ‘nil points’ votes were not because your act sounded like it was a cat in pain (although it did).

If Brexit makes them feel a little more related to us, strangely, then I’m pleased about that.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Japan Tempura Island
Pose | Le Poppycock Frisson & Own It (Le Poppycock Mainstore)
Hair | tram C429 CreamyYellow (tram Mainstore)
Shoes | N-core Stiletto Metal Cap (N-core Mainstore)
Jewellery | Swallow Iside Collar and HeadPiece, Gift at (Shiny Shabby, til 15/1)
Dress | ~ChicModa~ Danni Dress [Mait only] (ChicModa Mainstore : ChicModa Marketplace)


I have recently discovered original mesh brand ChicModa, who create (that I have seen) for the Maitreya Lara body only. ChicModa’s Danni Dress comes in a choice of 12 colours, has an elegant dip back and lace hem. It’s a lovely fit. You can pick it up at their mainstore or on marketplace, both linked above.

I’m a big fan of quality gifts and Swallow’s Iside Collar and Headpiece were a lovely gift to receive at Shiny Shabby this round. It was also a surprise, I didn’t notice other vendors offering gifts. When I get something this good, I like to go visit the mainstore and see what I’d like to buy, which I’m going to do as soon as I’ve earned some L$!

Here’s a few more pics including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

Finally, here is a jigging for the rigging video. Danger, danger. I felt like some disco 😀

9 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Lilly

  1. It’s something about how you really want to snuggle close to someone you like if you feel evil outside forces are taking you apart. I’m not sure though Meri, that what I feel is what all feel – the trend around here atm is all things hatred related, and I’m afraid it could totally be directed towards the Brits (though mostly it’s towards muslims).

  2. Interesting what Elbe said. My mum has a house in Genoa (the old family home on her side) and she worries about the Italian banks collapsing and making the place worthless. I tell her that it’s all relative because whatever the worth, it is still a home where people can live. I think she may sell, though, and move nearer to me. The Brexit thing is considered brave by a proportion of Italians who want to do the same.

    1. I think it’s a bit scary… Sometimes people’s reasoning for wanting out is downright terrifying. I don’t blame your mum for wanting to be closer to you, whatever the reason, it’s good to have family close especially when things are so turbulent. P. S. you’re so posh! X

      1. Oh I do love a nice variety of language. I’m currently de-sensitising my own Mum by saying things and then apologising. She’s getting bored now, soon she’ll be comatose and I can relax my tongue 😀

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