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Thom and I sometimes have conversations that begin with something like ‘Kids these days don’t know they’re born, when we were kids…’ and off we go. A for instance, the other day, we talked about houses without central heating. When you grow up in a house that is cold, really cold, damn cold, with perhaps only heat in one room, you learn what it is to not be comfortable. In fact, not being comfortable is the norm and anything outside of that is a bonus.

In our bathroom in my Mum’s house, there was no real heating, you’d put the immersion heater on for a bath and we had an electric heater around the light fitting you could turn on too which gave you about a square foot of slightly warmer air and carpet underneath. So I’d put that on, take a bath while submerging as much of me as possible, steam rising from me like a goddess as I emerged from that warm place into freezing air, my breath adding to the illusion I was on fire and then I’d quickly go and dry myself off directly under the overhead light, shivering.

We talked about old wooden window frames that rotted and how you’d have proper frozen ice on the inside on Winter mornings and just a lot of condensation the rest of the year round.

We talk about how, as youngsters, we’d walk everywhere. No chance of Dad’s taxi, either because your Dad didn’t have a car or because he’d look at you like you were an alien if you suggested he take you around to a friend’s house. I do believe that walking where you need to go in any weather not only gives you pneumonia (it doesn’t really), but also teaches you independence and street smarts.

We talk about having jobs from the earliest age possible to supplement the measly amount of pocket money (if any) you could hope to get.

We’d also talk about how much freedom we had compared to the closeted youngsters of today, how much fun we had with our friends, all the crazy things we got up to. The joy of going into town on a Saturday to check the charts in the record shop and maybe buy something you’d been wanting. Pic n Mix in Woolworths… sighs.

We didn’t live indoors – let’s face it, there was no point cus it was as cold in there as it was outdoors. Brr.

I know, I sound about 300 now, but I’m really not. And I’m not suggesting we freeze teenagers into going out, but still… they’re missing out and I’m sorry for that.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Pandora Resort
Pose | Poseidon Coffee Male 1 Pose (Poseidon Mainstore)
Shoes | UBU Pornstar Lo-Tops – old scuplties, but fab (UBU Marketplace)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Sarah Balayage (The Seasons Story, 10-31 Jan)
Top | [Cynful] Drop Down Top, prev Cosmopolitan [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Cynful Mainstore : Cynful Marketplace)
Leggings | Blueberry Cake Leggings – Updated new textures! [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


So I mentioned in the credits, above, that the UBU Pornstar Lo Tops were quite old now and sculpties, I thought I should add that I adjusted the shoes so they fit Maitreya Lara feet manually, and it wasn’t hard!

Blueberry have surpassed themselves once more by offering a real bonus to people who have already bought the Blueberry Cake Leggings Fatpack. Get a redelivery and you will receive 58 new textures added to the original fatpack, which already conains over 50 textures. Costing 1299 for the fatpack, it contains texture options you can only get in this way… so cool. So, you should get some.

It’s worth noting that I saw a complaint from a purchaser of 4 or 5 individual pairs of leggings to say that they had wasted their money because they couldn’t get the new textures (which are lovely) and that Blueb said if she notecarded with her transactions, she could get that amount off the cost of the fatpack. So that’s really nice to know. Thanks Blueb.

The Cynful Drop Down top is an awesome little thing, a great fit, casual styling and some lovely plain colours and ombres to choose from in the fatpack. Cynful fatpacks are always really really fat, often with around 100 options.

KoKoLoReS’s Sarah hair is just the nuts. The fit is wonderful, the hat is so cute and each pack comes with a HUD with around 12 textures and colours for the hat. It’s at the Seasons Story so don’t forget to drop by and grab some.

Here are some more pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

And finally, here is the jigging for the rigging. I’m not jigging exactly for the rigging today, more jigging to keep warm!

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