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Whoa! Time flies. I’ve been away for a couple of days and have returned with yet another cold to show for it. This is not good. So, while in RL I look like sad Rudolf again (with my red nose) I still have loads of great stuff to show you from SL where I can pretty much have my nose any way I want it due to the first ever Powder Pack release.

If you’ve not heard of Powder Pack, it’s a new monthly ‘box’ and one where you pay 1500l$ before the release date, either on marketplace or at their store and they send you, by return, a folder. You attach the little thingy in there and then you are automatically sent the Powder Pack on release. You don’t have to keep the little thingy on til it arrives – it’s just to ensure that the right person gets the pack (purchaser doesn’t always need make-up, I guess, do check it’s transferable before purchase though!).

You can get previous packs after release, but the price increases to 3000l$, which at first you might think sounds steep but if you’re into skins and make-up appliers for your Catwa head, it is still a huge bargain. Let me show you some of what I got in January’s box.

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This was my fave skin and make-up appliers in the pack, but that’s all down to personal preference – and I’m getting ahead of myself too. Cus there’s much more I want to talk about today, so let’s crack on.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Powder Pack info:
Elysium mathilde Skintone 2 for Catwa with Omega body applier
Comes with freckles and no freckles, brow colour choices and no brow options
24 lipstick options (gloss or matte)
12 eyeshadow options and 5 eyeliner options.
8 skintones
[okkbye] Chunky Lashes – 3 options
[okkbye Faux Freckles – 4 options
[okkbye] Dewy Highlighters – 6 options

Own brows throughout

Visit | Ephemera
Pose | IE – Evolution 9 prev gacha item, try (Image Essentials Mainstore)
Hair | Besom Water – Deeply Rooted Gacha (The Epiphany, til 15 Feb)
Bag | BUENO Clutch Cream – Uptown Gacha (Kustom9, til 10 Feb)
Cig | BUENO eCig Gold – Uptown Gacha (Kustom9, til 10 Feb)
Glasses | BUENO Darlene Heart Glasses – Rose Gold – Uptown Gacha (Kustom9, til 10 Feb)
Dress | BUENO Wrap Dress – Cream [Fitmesh/Hourg/Frey/Isis] (Kustom9, til 10 Feb)
Shoes | REIGN. Amelia Fringed Booties (Reign Mainstore)


Powder Pack hit our screens on 17th January and I’d be fibbing if I didn’t say I was shocked and surprised at the amount of great stuff within the box. For starters, I didn’t expect entire fatpacks of skins to be present, I thought it’d just be some make-up, which I’d have been happy with, but this was too great an opportunity to turn down. Firstly I had a play with the skin pack provided by Elysium, details above, and loved that much. I added the Chunky lashes by Okkbye, along with their Faux Freckles in various options and the Dewy Highlighters too. I was overjoyed to note that they’d included an Omega body skin applier so that you could match it all up on your mesh body too. You can find out more about Powder Pack on their website.

I’m delighted with Besom’s final hair from the Deeply Rooted gacha. It’s unusual in having so much height, I think, but funky as anything and available in an array of great colours through the HUDs on offer. You can grab that at the Epiphany for another few weeks.

Bueno have spoiled me this month. The Wrap Dress which I’m wearing in cream comes in Fitmesh, Hourglass, Freya and Isis versions (I’m wearing the fitmesh size on my Maitreya Lara with no problems) you can find it at Kustom9 until the 10th of Feb.

Additionally, they have a great gacha named Uptown at Kustom9 too. I loved the heart shaped glasses so much they might have to stay on. I’m also showing the clutch bag and a groovy e-cig, which you can only see in the pics below.

Finally, here is my jigging for the rigging video, join me for a boogie.

6 thoughts on “Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Vision

  1. Crumbs, another cold? I just think you need more clothes on, Meri 🙂 I can’t see the equivalent of Powder Pack for men unless it was *get the trumpets out* Beard Pack.. whoa – 20 styles of beards in black, red and brown shades plus oodles of facial tattoos with skins thrown in and various hair bases. Maybe they should consider… *laughs*

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