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Good day to you readers! I hope I find you in fine fettle this day. I mean, aside from it being a Monday, being grey as anything and me having just spent several hours writing THE most boring crapola you can imagine. Don’t get me wrong, I love being paid, it’s my absolute favourite thing, but most of the time I’m wondering why I can’t get paid to write something that sounds vaguely interesting.

Let me tell you what it’s like to be a professional writer. You go out to a party, you meet people. You’re talking to an insurance agent, a woman who works in her local Doctor’s surgery, a teacher and a wife and mother. They ask what you do. You tell them ‘I’m a writer’ and they immediately look interested. The reason they are interested is that everybody has read a book and that’s what they assume you write. They imagine you ensconced in some marvellous old-fashioned study with a fire roaring, forgetting to eat your sandwich as inspiration forces your fingers ever onwards in creating something beautiful.

So they ask ‘What do you write?’ and you say ‘I write for business, I write whatever I’m asked to write…’ they look at you (you let down) and you continue lamely, ‘Blogs… marketing… mainly making very technical stuff sound a bit more palatable. It’s very boring, really’. And from that point, they think you’re very, very boring indeed.

I mean, patently they’re correct. If I were less boring I might be able to write the next great novel, although a friend last night gave me a great idea for a gay detective novel. Watch this space people.

On another note, did I tell you about my friendly bird? No? Well… as I sit here typing on my laptop on its little desk, I can hear the sweet call of a small bird. I’ve heard it each morning as I’ve worked for about a year now. I’d look out of the window often to see where it was, but decided that my movement must have scared it off, because it stopped cheeping and wasn’t there.

Except it was never there. I realised sadly and after a long time of feeling a bit like Snow White that it was merely my shonky desk squeaking as I typed. There never was a bird-friend.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Beautiful 4 Seasons
Pose | (marukin) Bella – Looks on my back (Marukin Mainstore)
Eyeshadow | SlackGirl Curly Shadow [Catwa/Layers] (Powder Pack Jan)
Lipstick | #adored Limited Lips – vino [Catwa/Omega] (Powder Pack Jan)
Hair | *TKW* Halia HUD Blondes 01 (Cosmopolitan Event)
Dress | ChicModa Gemma Dress – 6 colour HUD plus sparkle on/off [Mait/2Sli] (BishBox Jan)
Shoes | Reign. Hierarchy Heels (Reign Mainstore)
Bracelet | Bowtique. Bow Bracelet Amethyst (Bowtique Marketplace)


Well, this will be my last post featuring items from January’s very first Powder Pack. It’s been a really fun experience for me, testing out and trying all the new skins, make-ups and ting. You can go now and purchase the February Powder Pack in advance, it will only cost you 1500l$ that way, rather than the 3000l$ it costs after release. The website link given tells you all the ways you can purchase it. When you receive your folder upon purchase, simply wear the dooberry inside so that the server knows you are the intended recipient and it will be sent through to you on the February release date. Much excitement eh?

ChicModa brought out their sparkly little number – Gemma – for inclusion in the January Bish Box – yet another subscription box! The dress is so cute and comes with a 6 colour HUD. It also has an actual sparkle, you can see it happening. It’s so clever. For some reason (slow framerate?) it doesn’t show up as well in my video below, but that’s not for a lack of trying. It’s for Maitreya Lara and both the Slink bodies.

Here’s a few more pics including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot 🙂

And finally, my jigging for the rigging video. Gosh, I hope it’s disco, I could really do with some spangly, jangly disco vibes today! ❤ Have a good one lovely people.

10 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Crystalline

  1. You need to write this dashing gay detective from Birminghams story! you know it needs to come into fruition and you are the jelly to do it!!! ❤ muah

    1. He might need more to hang his hat on than his large gay penis though… maybe he has an alcoholic mother, or an absent father who comes back trying to make amends and becomes his unlikely sidekick?

      1. oh the alcoholic mother, quite old, mutton dressed as lamb kind of woman who dresses like she is 30 and going ou for a night of hooking, she tries to help but usually hinders

      2. See… this needs to be written, and then made into a BBC series… Can get that chick from corrie who plays Liz Mcdonald to play the mom, and obviously David Tenant or someone of equal gorge to play the gay dic 😛

      3. Corbs they are really great casting suggestions, when I’ve made lots of money, I will hire you as a consultant director for the tv series, such will be my artistic clout 😀

  2. “Don’t get me wrong, I love being paid, it’s my absolute favourite thing, but most of the time I’m wondering why I can’t get paid to write something that sounds vaguely interesting.”

    I definitely think you should write something more than vaguely interesting, my friend, you’ve a great sense of humour which would sell like hot cakes (or should that be hot projectiles of the masculine kind)… *laughs*

    And I am upset about your birdie who is not a birdie at all. I would tell you about my cute lil dunnocks that sing in the early morning and I know they are real because they go on to raid the bird table, but I’m watching out for the rolled up newspaper that’s about to smack me round the head any minute now 🙂

    1. Haha… thank you so much for saying you think I could write something good Moz, that’s a boost to my self-esteem 😀 I used to have a visiting Robin and I put a special Robin feeding station out for him, but next door is a cornucopia for all birds so I lost him to them… at least I have you eh? xx

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