Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | The White Lady


Have you been to Take Heart? There’s rumour of a ghost who wanders beside the river, silently calling and searching the ground…

‘The White Lady walks’ say those nearby. ‘The White Lady will never rest’. ‘The White Lady’s looking for something’ and it’s something she needs for to dress.

T’is said that she died on a picnic, that she choked while she ate a scotch egg. That her boyfriend did flee, so frightened was he, and she gasped her last word, which was ‘Greg’.

When he left he’d snatched up the blanket and the basket his mother had packed, I’m sure now that he, in a panic you see, also packed up her skirt, as a fact.

So she wanders forever indecent, can’t move on, you see – incomplete. For fashion is king and the angels would sing ‘I can see her twat and that ain’t sweet’.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Take Heart
Pose | Manifeste Model Poses (Manifeste Mainstore)
Hair | !Oleander Willow Light Blondes with Hat HUD (!Oleander Mainstore)
Socks | *MUKA* Garter Thigh Socks [Mait/Sli/Bell/5ss] (MUKA Mainstore)
Cardi | Blueberry ‘The Cutieberry’ Cardigan, Top & Dress [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


Blueberry’s ‘Cutieberry’ set comprises the cardigan shown above which is gorgeous – such detail! – and a choice of top or dress underneath – or  indeed nothing at all, as I show in my main shot. I am also showing you the dress version, below, which I wore when I went out 🙂

It comes in a wide range of colours from which to choose (or get them all in the fatpack) and you can change the ribbon ties on the cardigan to contrast if you so wish.

Here’s more pics, including my well lit, no shit shot.


So yeah, poor White Lady. I wonder what she used to enjoy dancing to?

12 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | The White Lady

  1. The angels may say it isn’t sweet, but us demons have invited her to a private party. And when i say “us” demons, I mean me. 😉

  2. I wind up going shopping almost immediately after checking your blog at least twice a week. 😉 My wardrobe and I both thank you. 🙂 *hums happily, porting off to Blueberry*

    1. Haha, I’m so sorry Keyli that you are linden poor but fashion happy. Or should I be happy? Yeah… life’s too short isn’t it? Have a lovely shopping trip xx

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