Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Sloth Grip Roll


For avid readers of the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling, the sloth grip roll is old news. It’s simply a move when you’re flying a broom (as you do), which means you roll underneath the broom and back up again by hanging on real tight. Just like real Sloths grip tightly onto their branches.

My sloth here is still hanging onto his branch even though we’re safe on the ground, having a chat.

I wish you, yes and you, and you a very happy Friday, and I hope your weekend brings you all you desire. I think what I most desire is a good sleep, so I’m going to work towards that.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Ephemera
Pose | Del May Poses – Dull (Del May Mainstore)
Hair | [monso] My Hair – Jeonso Blondes (Monso Mainstore)
Shirt | Blueberry Cassy Knotted Shirts [Mait/Sli/Bell/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Pants | Vinyl Leia Leggings [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Fameshed, 1-27 February)
Legwarmers | Vinyl Sulu Legwarmers [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Fameshed, 1-27 February)
Sloth | JIAN Baby Sloth Collection – Blanket Sloth  (Fameshed, 1-27 February)


I’ve already introduced you to my new friend – the Blanket Sloth. We just like hanging out (sorry, bad pun) and the good news is, you can get one too. Jian’s Baby Sloth Collection is available now at Fameshed and comprises – 2 and 3 toed sloth textures, Static Blanket Sloth Mesh, Animated Hanging Sloths (2 LI), Animated Clinging Sloths (you carry them) and a Sloth Tree Prop (2 LI).

Vinyl’s Leia Leggings and Sulu Legwarmers are available in separate packs at Fameshed this round, but you get a freebie pair of the legwarmers in with your leggings pack too. In the legwarmer pack, you can expect many different textures and a shedload of plain colours too for the fatpack. Coolio.

The Blueberry Cassy Knotted Tshirt, shown, is a very old Blueb release. I didn’t realise it had some show through on the arms until I did the video and I realised that I should have known. Back in those days of yore, Blueb was rigging for an earlier version of the Maitreya Lara body, and so it won’t be perfect necessarily on the most recent one, plus I have chunky wee arms. Still, it was the best choice for this outfit as it was the perfect length, colour and style to go with the leggings.

I also wanted to mention something important if you’re one of those folk who enjoyed the Powder Pack blogs I did in January with their very first box. A few people seemed to want to wait til the box came out to see what was in it (fair enough – first box etc.) and then were upset when the price went up from 1500l$ to 3000l$ upon release. As I said at the time, it was still well worth 3kl$, I think there was something like 4 or 5 complete skin packs in there, plus a load of great make-ups. However… we all love a bargain, and this is your time to grab one. If you go pre-purchase the February Powder Pack now, you’ll receive it automatically on the 17th and pay only 1500l$. Good deal huh? Flyer in the viewer below and you can click here for the Powder Pack website with details of where to buy Powder Pack.

Let’s see a few more pics, including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, my jigging for the rigging video, for your boogying pleasure. As I said, please excuse my mistake with the arms.



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