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OMG it’s Monday again! How did that happen so quickly? There I was one minute – thinking hurrah it’s Friday and I can sleep til Monday and then… ahh, yeah, I guess that’s what happened. I slept.

To be precise, I slept until 7.07am this morning when my house phone rang and the answerphone boomed out, filling the whole house with it’s mechanical yapping and then a further machine voice bounced off the walls telling me I had a text message delivered to my landline and I had to press 1 to hear it, 2 to save it, 3 to delete it and 4 to make it sod off and never call me again with a verbal text message.

I put my head under my pillow – it was still dark for god’s sake – and waited her out. She repeated the whole thing 5 times at significant length (without telling me the contents of the actual message) before cheerily and bossily wishing me goodbye.

I want her – machine text message woman – and the woman from the satnav apps in a room so I can tell them how snotty and unfriendly they sound. It’s like they spent a few days with a doctor’s receptionist so that they could perfect that ‘fuck off and die’ tone in their voices.

If you happen to be a machine voice lady, or a doctor’s receptionist reading this, I beg of you, don’t be offended, just try to sound nicer next time. L’il Miss Frosty Knickers.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Arranmore
Pose | [pose+ivity] Hippie Pack (Poseivity Marketplace)
Tops | Foxes Spiritualist Kimono & Top, prev C88, – standard sizes only. (Foxes Mainstore)
Shorts | +Piero+ Police Shorts Dark Olive, prev gacha, try (Piero Mainstore)
Hair | [RA] Chloe Hair – Ombres & Roots (We Love RP, 4-28 Feb)
Headpiece | Izzie’s Nidhi Tikka Headpiece Obsidian (Izzie’s Mainstore)
Rings | **RealEvil** Surya Rings, prev RARE gacha, try (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Necklace 1 | Maxi Gossamer Gold Heart Key Necklace Long (Maxi Gossamer Mainstore)
Necklace 2 | JIAN Beaded Shark Tooth Necklace, prev gacha, try (Jian Mainstore)
Waistchain | !APHORISM! Montmartre Beaded Belt Brown & Cream (Aphorism Mainstore : Aphorism Marketplace)
Boots | !APHORISM! Glastonbury Boots Reissue [Mait/Sli/Bell] (Aphorism Mainstore : Aphorism Marketplace)


One of the most popular items of footwear in my invent has always been Aphorism’s Glastonbury boots.  Now they have been re-issued with mahoosive incremental improvements. So now, they are fitted mesh for Maitreya, Belleza Isis and Freya and Slink Physique and Hourglass, plus, there are 10 colours of boot available in 5 different wool options. Supercool!

If you already bought them, go get them redelivered pronto and if you didn’t… well, it’s obviously not too late 🙂

I think I have already said, but I’m saying it again if I haven’t already, that I almost never wear standard size mesh any longer. I’ve deleted most of it from my inventory but found the Foxes Kimono when I was about to do this shoot and liked the colours. I can’t heartily recommend it for a mesh body because it’s not made for one. So there.

RunAway’s Chloe Hair is a gorgeous casual heavy haired delight, and it’s brand new out for We Love Roleplay this round. I did promise I would occasionally veer away from the blondes pack and so I did this time finding this gorgeous mainly red colour in the Ombres & Roots HUD. It’s lush. It’s a lush head bush.

I should apologise for wearing RealEvil’s Surya rings so much in my blog posts because they were a rare gacha item and the chances of you getting them are slimmer than Kate Moss after Lent. However, on the other hand (not literally) I know that all the ring sets that RealEvil make are of stunning quality and so a visit to their mainstore could hardly be a disappointment. I’d recommend looking up the ‘Ice Queen’ set if you get chance.

Here’s a couple more pics including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

And finally, we need a Monday tune to set us off, cus there’s not enough hours in the day…

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