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Yo honey bunches. It’s Valentine’s Day and I got up today with a special gift from Thom waiting – a cold. Yes, it’s not his fault, and I know it wasn’t deliberate, but I’ve not been tongue wrestling with anyone else recently and now I’m in Snotville again.

However, in more positive news, my card was lovely, he’s a master of card choosing and the words are always just right.

Tonight at AAi, we will enjoy Kanj’s tribute to the Walrus of Love, Mr Barry White, the patron saint of Valentine’s Day. She won’t play all his songs nor nuffing, but she will play a great and eclectic mix of stuff with the man himself overseeing proceedings. You should come along, whether it’s with a partner for a slow dance and ignoring the room (entirely possible) or alone to join in with the japes and chat. 1-3pm slt. AAi (click to teleport via map)

What to wear in Second Life today?

Earrings | [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Earrings (Mandala Mainstore)
Shoes | N-Core Stiletto Metal Cap [Mait/Sli/N-C/Bell/TMP] (N-core Mainstore)
Hair | NEW [RunAway] Cinderella Hair – Blondes HUD (Enchantment, 11-28 Feb)
Dress | NEW Blueberry Piki Dress Tight [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


Blueberry’s new release – Piki – is a dress which combines elegance and sexiness effortlessly. You can swan around with your legs out or choose the alternative fit included in the pack which means you can wear it as a long top over your favourite jeans. It’s a mainstore release so if you’re quick, all 10,000 of your friends won’t already be wearing it ❤

RunAway’s new release is the Cinderella Hair – kids, it’s sparkly hair. It’s hair that sparkles. It’s like… being a unicorn. I’ve done my best to capture a small amount of its essence in the pictures below, but even the video doesn’t do it justice. It’s at Enchantment (as it should be) and you should go try a demo to see for yourself how shiny you’ll feel wearing it.

Here’s some more pics…

And finally, my jigging for the rigging video. I can’t imagine Blueb would allow any of me to escape this dress, so for me, this one is all about catching glimpses of the sparkles in my hair 😀 The windlight is correspondingly dark to encourage this.


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