Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Bad Night


Ah we’ve all had those nights. It was all going so great and then the music became overwhelming and tinny, the idea of more to drink was appalling and all the fun drained away. Yup, that’s a night out with your man gone bad.

I’ve had many of these and not because I’m a terrible person, or the men I’ve been out with are terrible people, but because it’s not all men can deal with me when I’m out on the town. It takes a special, secure kind of boy, because I am that most worrying of all things to men – very sociable.

I love to meet new people and talk with them about what’s happening in their lives. A man out with me can pop off to the bar or the toilet and come back to find I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends and he’s faced with joining in or stropping off. Sad to say, I’ve had many strop off situations, but on the bright side, I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet a couple of guys in my lifetime who aren’t fazed by it once they know me a little.

It’s hard to go through a ‘bad night out’ when you just want to have fun with the one you’re with – and a few buddies you meet along the way, but now I’m a little older, I do try harder to be more considerate. Well, I try a tiny bit harder… Well, no, in truth I have no idea how to stop it. But Thom is practically bomb-proof now and he is my most favourite companion for nights out, so it’s not a problem any more.

Have you had many bad nights? What’s your typical scenario?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Skin | Essences Aria Pale 02 for Catwa Heads (Powder Pack Feb)
Mascara | #adored lovesick makeup & tattoo [Cat/Omeg] (Powder Pack Feb)
Eyes | Bold & Beauty Classic Eyes for Catwa Heads (Powder Pack Feb)
Lashes | Bold & Beauty Classic Lash for Catwa Heads (Powder Pack Feb)
Lips | [Pink Fuel] Catwa “Bento” Lipstick Applier – Juicy Drop (Powder Pack Feb)

Pose | Grafica Hutch iii (Men Only Monthly, til 15 Feb)
Shoes | *G* Field Linda Flats Pink (G Field Mainstore)
Hair | *Besom – Atom Blondes HUD (Besom Mainstore : Besom Marketplace)
Necklace | **RealEvil** Aletta Photo Necklace (Cosmopolitan Event, til 26 Feb)
Dress | Vinyl – Yasnouri Date Night Dress [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Vinyl Mainstore : Vinyl Marketplace)


Vinyl’s new mainstore release – the Yasunori Date Night Dress can be found in 16 different colors and is HUD operated. Lots of customization available, for example, it comes with a built-in bustier (which I removed for my pics) but it’s gorgeous and you can choose to have that a contrasting colour to the dress, if you so wish. It’s a lovely fit and I love how the colours available come in shiny or extra shiny. I went extra shiny to show how optimistic I was about a good night out, before it all went wrong!

The RealEvil Aletta Photo Necklace is adorable and is at Cosmpolitan. As you have no doubt come to expect from *RE*, they always give a great choice of metal textures and colours in their HUD and this time you can put a photograph of your choice into the locket area. I’ve not had a locket in SL since it was a right faff to put one there, so the simple process of getting your chosen image’s UUID and simply putting that in the box provided and it appearing there was a revelation and a joy. I put a wee pic of my Thom in there from c. 2009. Aww.

The much anticipated February Powder Pack has been released and for those of you who were too cautious to cough up 1500l$ in advance, this is still your chance to benefit from a bargain. For a mere 3k, you can get the whole pack which contains a ton of stuff – like… various skins with body appliers, make ups, lashes, eye appliers for Catwa head. Amazeballs. Let me give you some detail on today’s showing…

I’m wearing the Essences Aria Skin – 2 colours available – medium and pale, including Catwa Head appliers plus body appliers for Belleza, Maitreya and The Mesh Project – and Omega!
Adored Catwa Applier – also Omega. Choose which side, plus have crying mascara and ‘Lovesick’ tattoo over the eyebrow in white or black.
Bold & Beauty – 5 colours of eyes applier, to be applied to Catwa Eyes that come with the head. Plus, 5 types of lashes on a separate HUD which are gorgeous. I particularly love how you can choose between sleek and false looking and the slightly rumpled naturalised look of the ones I put on, they look like real lashes to me.
Pink Fuel – 6 unusual shades of lipstick, some full colour and some mixed (shown) with a top layer of gloss for Bento heads.

I’ll have more to show you tomorrow and I’m so excited about that 🙂

Here’s some more pics, including a well lit no shit shot.

And finally, what other song could there be for such a disaster area woman as myself? It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want to 😀

2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Bad Night

  1. Ehe I never had any I think – and I must admit I struggle to understand the concept. It would be so hard for me to go out with you because of how being sociable and meeting strangers ranks as one of my top nightmares…

    1. Aww Elbe but people are fascinating. Chatting with strangers on a night out is like getting to look through people’s living room windows and see them when their guard is down. I love people so 😀

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