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Storm Doris has whipped the UK into a frenzy today. Just typing that one word into Google brought me an array of news about fallen trees, wild seas and travel plans in ruins. It’s the kind of day I’m glad to be indoors mostly.

It’s AAi’s Guilty Pleasures Festival 2017 on Saturday. That means that from 12.30pm SL time and 8.30pm UK time, 7 DJs of previous good character will play the tunes they are a little embarrassed to like. You know the ones, they might have been a one hit wonder when you were a kid, or a cheesy band, or ABBA, or Michael Jackson, or Diana Ross, or S Club 7 or anything fun really as long as it’s not indie music – which is what is normally played at AAi.

In addition to this, cus you have to have cheese on top of everything, we will be dressing up in appropriately silly outfits, decorating the club so it looks like the 80s and 90s threw up on it and throwing caution out the window, along with all vestiges of good taste. Some DJs will even sing their own version of a cheesy favourite.

You’re invited of course! It wouldn’t be the same without you. In fact, it’d make my entire week if some of the lovely people I got to know through blogging turned up and said ‘Hi’, so come on punk, make my day ❤


See the suitably naff and tasteless poster and step back in awe – I know. It’s something else. So come along, this Saturday and bring a friend or two if you like. You’ll find us at AAi An Alternative Indie Club in SL.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Skin | amara beauty – Kelly Beauty Kit (Powder Pack Feb)
Eye Make-Up | Zibska Ailey Eye Make Ups (14) (Powder Pack Feb)
Lipstick | Zibska Sharona Lipsticks (24) (Powder Pack Feb)

Visit | Outbreak
Hair | Tetra – Banana Hair (Tetra Mainstore)
Jacket | :V.e. Roxie Satin Bomber Blue, prev Uber, try  (:V.e Mainstore)
Top | Addams Lucila Tank Top [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Shorts | BUENO Maya Shorts Ocean [Fit/Frey/Is/HG] (Kustom9, til 10 Mar)
Shoes | REIGN. Arianna Sneakers Tippies (Reign Mainstore)
Watch | **RealEvil** Alice Watch (BishBox, 20 Feb onwards)


RealEvil’s new release for BishBox is awesome. I love love loved it as soon as I saw the picture. The Alice Watch is a watch with bracelets and lots of great options to customise. The HUD comes with 6 Metals, Leathers, Watch faces, Words and Text colors. And of course, you can set the time on it 😀

BUENO’s Maya Shorts are available now at Kustom9. As usual, the fitmesh size at Bueno fits my Maitreya Lara spot on (you can check the facts in the video below, although I alpha’d a bit for the picture above because of the crazy position I’d gotten myself into which had sent my upper legs out of whack). They come in a variety of denim-y colours for your delight. Bring Spring on!

Now onto the skins and cosmetics. The Amara Beauty – Kelly Beauty Kit contains 5 skin tones for the Catwa head, this being the palest, plus generous options for eye make up and lip colour. Plus, Omega body appliers for all colours too. My only slight bugbear is the same one I have with many skins – I felt the highlighting on the centre of the face was too pale and while I know this is the RL trend in make-up these days, I prefer a more natural, weathered look. Let’s face it, I come from a country where your face is never paler than your legs. It’s damn cold here.

I paired this skin with Eye Make-Up and Lipstick from Zibska, also included in the Powder Pack February Box.

Oh you should also know, I chose to keep my own eyebrows this time! Nothing at all wrong with the ones provided with the skin, but I do love a pack like this where there is a no eyebrow option so I can keep my own.

In case you didn’t hear me the other times – the box itself is now 3000l$ and so far I’ve shown you 3 complete skins, plus a shedload of lovely make ups, eyes and eyelashes you can use on your Catwa head. There’s another skin which is purely dark colours and while beautiful, I would have to change everything about me for them to look right and then I wouldn’t look like me, so I probably won’t be showing you this time.

You can pre-purchase the March pack for 1500l$ (half price) or buy the existing packs for 3000l$. Here’s the Powder Pack Mainstore and here it is on Powder Pack’s Marketplace where you can buy January’s or February’s pack.

I have more photos for you, of course…


And here is the jigging for the rigging, let’s practice for Saturday and get down and boogie ❤


4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | BamBam

  1. I know, right! The RE Watch and that dress were far and away my favorites from the Feb Bish Box. Love the picture, Meri! 🙂

    Also, thanks for pointing me in the direction of Virtual Ephemera a few weeks back – that place is SO great!

  2. First and second photo’s are farking awesome. And, please, Abba were actually pretty cool, and Diana Ross was, hands down, drop-dead awesome!… ‘Some Day We’ll be Together’ still makes me cry (sometimes), nevertheless, I totally love it to bits cos it’s gorgeous (:

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