Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | There must be an angel


Happy Thursday blog bums. I want to talk about angels, kinda. I’m not a religious person and, until the last few years, I would have said I was sure there was no kind of life after death – even though I wanted there to be. But then some of my older relatives began to die and I felt quite strongly that some of them were still around.

I’ll give you an example – one of my Aunties died a few years ago and when her house was cleared out in preparation for selling, I asked for one of her plants. She was very green-fingered, her garden was always beautiful and she had a conservatory where she kept indoor plants. I got a Christmas cactus, partly because it was the thing I would be least able to destroy with my haphazard care.

It lives on my kitchen window sill and I find myself talking to her when I’m in there washing up or preparing food sometimes, and I always say a word or two about the cactus when I remember to water it.

I think- and please don’t laugh – but I think she keeps an eye on the plant because it flowers twice, at least, a year. It’s supposed to flower at Christmas given the right care and liquid fertiliser and all that jazz, but I just water it when I remember and say hi quite often and it flowers beautifully at Christmas and then again in Feb/March (it’s in full flower now). I think it might do one or two more before next Christmas too!

I think she’s giving it angel dust.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Placebo Gallery  by Seraphim Placebo and Chris Attwell
Pose | *CS* Violin (Come Soon Poses)
Hair | Little Bones Lovestruck Blondes (Little Bones Mainstore)
Outfit | Blueberry Iconic Doll Gacha [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (The Arcade, 1-31 March)

Gacha items detail – worn:
#1 Blueberry Iconic Doll – Wings – Gold RARE with HUD
#3 Blueberry Iconic Doll – Shoes – Gold RARE with HUD
#5 Blueberry Iconic Doll – Panties – Gold RARE with HUD
#19 Blueberry Iconic Doll – Bra – Gold RARE with HUD
#25 Blueberry Iconic Doll – Body Chain with HUD
#28 Blueberry Iconic Doll – Tiara – Gold with HUD


I made friends with Chris Atwell through blogging (Hi Chris!) and he told me about the Placebo Gallery, a place set up by Seraphim Placebo and containing works of art by them both. At the time, Seraphim was searching out works by other SLers to add to the gallery and so I went to visit the other day. It’s just wow guys. There’s so much talent encased in one building (many floors though) and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time soaking it all up. Seraphim has asked me to add some of my stuff too and I’m hugely flattered but really, the stuff in there is way and above anything I’ve done.

I did however visit their rooftop which I’d read on Chris’s blog was set out as a place to take photos and although my pics don’t show much more than the grass, it is great grass! I recommend you go visit, it’s the sort of thing you can do alone in SL and will make you feel good.

In Blueberry related news, she has made a stunning collection for her Arcadeberries with the Iconic Doll set. It’s unusual that I would use all the RARE items from a gacha, but the gold was so irresistable, I had to go for it, like a magpie. It’s all stunning, however, so go and have some time playing, you won’t regret it.

The wings are bento enabled by the way. I think this means that with bento animations, you can see them moving, or they just move – something like that. However, what I found is that they move all the time on any standing or normal ao animation except dancing, so in the video at the bottom of the page, I’ve used a pose at the beginning and end so you can see the wings move, and a dance in the middle so you can see the rest move 😀

Here’s more pics including a ‘well lit, no shit’…


And finally, the jigging for the rigging video. Let’s see what happens when we shake it all up. And no, it’s not ‘There must be an angel’ although it probably should have been, thinking about it, haha.


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