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You know how people ask how you are, all the time, and you answer ‘I’m fine, how are you?’ even if your leg is hanging off. It’s because you are both being polite. If each and every time somebody said ‘Hi, how are you?’ we actually told them how we were, they’d start avoiding us. Yeah… conversations are so stupid sometimes.

I reckon you can tell how close you are to somebody by how you answer that question and how they react to your response. I was chatting to a good friend in SL last night and she asked me that very question and I gave her a considered response ‘I’m ok you know… reasonable’, and she responded that she too felt reasonable and she said she thought it was a good response.

This kind of shorthand means that she knows that the problems I had previously have not magically taken flight, and I know that she has concerns and troubles that too have not gone away, but that we are both coping with our situations and being strong when required. Sometimes, with good friends, the conversation then goes on to cover some of those areas, or specifically ask if a situation has improved at all.

My pet hate is when someone I don’t know asks me how I am and I say ‘Fine! How’s you?’ to be polite and also ‘cus I want to move on to the main course (ie. the reason they IM’d me), and they then bombard me with their work issues or family troubles, or, worst of all, SL troubles. Sometimes I feel like interrupting and saying ‘Scuse me… you do know that everybody has a life that causes them problems don’t you?’

I realise that sometimes people are on the edge of something terrible, that you come across them at a time in their lives so awful that just one person asking how they are can cause it all to come tumbling out. And that’s okay, I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about the ones who think you somehow are going to be interested in how their husband blocked the waste disposal the other day and the dog has fleas again and how that guy never IMs even tho he said he liked them a lot. Gah.

It is entirely possible to have SL friends who know almost nothing about your real life and your problems and in some ways, maybe that’s just fine? I go into SL as a little holiday from RL (I don’t want you to run away with the idea that my RL is so dreadful I need to escape it, but like yours, it’s so darn real at times) and not to plunge into the depths of other people’s (first world) problems.

I guess relationships, wherever they develop, should be equal in my mind. I share with people, they share with me, we share each other’s problems – and joys.

Just don’t go being a really boring moaner and putting people you know on a bummed-out downer. Cus like… nobody needs that shit 😀

Not that YOU would do that. Wow no, never. You’re great ❤

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Bluff Cove
Pose | Le Poppycock – Own It (Le Poppycock Mainstore)
Frown | [KoKoLoReS] Frown Lines – mesh with HUD (Skin Fair 2017, 10-26 Mar)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Melina – Blondes HUD (Hairology, 10-28 Mar)
Outfit | [Cynful] Bombshell Top & Pants [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Collabor88, 8 Mar – 6 Apr)
Shoes | CandyDoll Andree Shoes (Fameshed, 1-27 Mar)


Let’s begin with the event opening today – Collabor88. Cynful have designed the gorgeous Bombshell Top and Pants for the event which has a ‘Lazy and Chill’ theme. Oh I’m so looking forward to this one, cus that’s my preferred state. Sod those high heels and tights you have to keep tugging at (well, I do). There is now the main C88 sim, link given above, plus 2 camshopping sims to help you get what you want while it’s busy. Camshop C88 1 and Camshop C88 2. Do have fun with that! Oh! Also, the Cynful set has a chain you can choose to have or not, plus a HUD which decides metal colour and stone colour.

Skin Fair 2017 opens in 2 days, on the 10th, and so many people are just peeing their pants with excitement to get in. If, you too, are eager to see what is on offer and purchase that good stuff, you can join the group I linked in the credits above (because the SURL isn’t released yet, it not being open) and you can get early access to the event. Whoopee.

KoKoLoReS have made these mesh frown lines, which come with a HUD with 3 choices of frown type. It basically adds subtle lines on your forehead between your eyes ideal for showing that you’re perplexed, annoyed or otherwise beflubberated. You can get those at The Skin Fair and, them being mesh, you can use them on mesh or ‘normal’ heads willy nilly.

They (KoKoLoReS) also made the lovely Melina hair for Hairology which also opens on the 10th. It comes in a wide range of colours via the generous HUDs. I often go for bayalage, but this one is straight out the blondes box.

Let’s move on to more pictures!


And finally, a really jiggy jigging for the rigging video. I’m gonna get down and dance and I hope you’ll join me.

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