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What do you do in your leisure time?

I think it has become a question that drives fear into the very heart of the person asked. I mean, really… what do I do in my leisure time? Really… really, really?

Well, I read a lot. Like probably 2/3 hours a day. I do SL for about 3/4 hours a day, what with the club and the blogging. To be fair, that doesn’t leave any more leisure time and rather cuts into the time that I should be doing other things.

When someone asks you this though, they are usually your prospective employer or someone official and I wonder why they are asking. Cus let’s face it, we all lie. They are also asking probably, what you have time left for when you’ve voluntarily worked an extra 2 hours per day, cooked a wonderful nutritious meal and polished your home to its usual gleaming standard. Pff.

Here’s what we might say:

Oh I love country walks (outdoorsy but not dangerous, we’re thinking, plus there might be a pub on my pretend walk).

I’m kind of an adrenalin junkie, I like abseiling and canoeing white water (I did all those things once on a work outward bound course and I pray each day I’ll never have to do them again but it sounds much more go-getting than reading).

I like to do arts and crafts, I love photographing scenes and then painting them (I want you to know I’m creative, however, I tried this once and the dog looked like Snoopy).

Well, dear readers, enough is enough. Next time we’re all asked what we like to do in our leisure time, we all need to submit the following answers – I eat pizza, I grumble over the choice of movie on a Friday, I drink beer – yes, lots, I neck vodka while alone watching Coronation Street and  – perhaps most importantly – I spend time in Second Life, a virtual world, because I like it. So there.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘but, I run five miles each day and create my own seaweed and wheatgerm health shakes, plus, I help out at the hospital’ then do kindly leave this blog, you’re in the wrong place sister.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Virtual Retro Arcade
Pose | Pavé de Perv – Peace Pose 1 (Pavé de Perv Marketplace)
Glasses | #EMPIRE Big Glasses Black, prev Arcade – Thanks Suki-boo! ❤ (EMPIRE Mainstore)
Shoes | Ingenue Ulla Sneakers – Flora (Collabor88, 8 Mar – 6 Apr)
Top | Tee*fy Hadley Cut Out Top – Fusion (Collabor88, 8 Mar – 6 Apr)
Hair | Moon. Hair – Madness, Blondes HUD (Collabor88, 8 Mar – 6 Apr)
Pants | BUENO Spring Pants – Pink Dot [Fitmesh/2Bell/1Sli] (Kustom9, 15 Mar – 10 Apr)


Bueno’s new Spring Pants (Hurrah for Spring) are released for Kustom9 tomorrow! Hurrah for that. They come in Fitmesh (suitable for Maitreya Lara) 2 Belleza body sizes and Slink Hourglass and a ton of lovely colours and textures.

I got the sneakers, top and hair all at Collabor88 this round. I often by Ingenue shoes cus they’re so adorable and cute and detailed. Tee*fy’s little top was crying out to be worn so I could get inappropriate sunburn on top of my boobs some day. The Moon hair is heartily casual and comes in Moon’s usual range of lovely colour choices.

Thanks Suki for my second pair of glasses you kindly chucked my way. ❤

Here’s more pics for you including a well lit no shit shot.

And finally, my jigging for the rigging. I have a slight cut through on each side of the waist when I do hip movements, I guess in RL, I’d get a little wodge of fat poking over the edge 😀


7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Leisure Time

  1. Heheh! In my leisure time I do like to go out but I need one of the carers to push me around! We visit the beach, park, botanical gardens, pub, maybe shopping for special things (although I find that tiring nowadays), and garden centres – depends on the weather. Other than that I play board and card games with family and friends, and whatever DIY I can manage from a sitting position *laughs*

  2. You’re a clever, funny girl, Meri, and you seem to have a pretty damned sweet life (if anything you said is true)… I work 10 hour (often 11 or 12) days in a precast concrete plant (very physical), and have to squeeze SL, my art, my 1 hour minimum of reading (at work I’m surrounded by guys who do not read, do not know or care what’s happening in the world, and have absolutely never heard of SL), my photography, my blog… you get the picture… around the edges of that 10, exhausting hours… I’ve done 18 years of karate training, but am simply too old and damaged to do that crap any more… so you can see how the thought of a day filled with reading/SLing and blogging would seem pretty damned delicious to me! Anyway, keep it up, I love your shit (:

    1. Oh Chris your job sounds… well, exhausting, frankly. And your art is so great! I’m sure my life does sound wonderful to you, but I do work too (not in that environment though!) Keep up the good work and wow, can you please try to find a way to live on your art instead of concrete? Hugs 🙂

    2. Also Chris… as an aside, have you seen the movie Locke? If not, I totally recommend it. Best movie kind of, sort of about concrete I’ve ever seen and one of the best ever.

      1. No, I’ve not seen Locke, it always looked pretty boring, despite all the rave reviews. And, if it is about concrete, that just makes it more boring. Might give it a look, though… (:

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