Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | And now for the news


Finally Friday came and I congratulate you all on another week managed, whether you worked or studied or parented fractious children, you deserve some weekend.

Here’s the news roundup…

It has been a good week here for me, mostly, starting with Eclipse magazine coming out. Not only is it a fabulous and inspirational issue, it features me. Yes, me! So huge thanks to Trouble Dethly for bunging me in there amongst the great and the good. (My bit starts page 75 and there is a bit of reading and a few pages of pictures).


The official launch party of the Blogger and Vlogger Network (BVN for short in case you hate saying ogger) is tomorrow night! BVN is the brainchild of Kess Crystal, Delicate T Flower of Seraphim and Trouble Dethly, previously mentioned owner of Eclipse magazine. You’re invited of course! So that’s Saturday 17th of March, starts at 1.30pm slt and goes on until 3pm slt.

I’m in full support of any organisation that wishes to support bloggers and vloggers, to encourage them to help each other and to really create a happy blogging community. The site has loads of resources already including – most helpfully – a list of lovely photographic sims where you can rezz props. Cool huh? Have a looksee at that.

I’m going to be doing a thingy with Kess on the 1st April (no, it’s no joke). A live group discussion about blogging things, managing time and expectations etc. So you can come, ask questions, generally confound me with things I don’t know. Kess’ll be there, it’s okay, she’ll know the answers, probably, maybe. I’ll give you more details about that nearer the time and when we’ve worked out what we’re doing 😀

On the home front…

My cat and I are getting along okay, despite her issues with the litter tray. We seem to have achieved a routine whereby I do a lot of cleaning and telling her she’s great and she goes peepee poopoop anywhere she likes. I’ve also begun feeding her pretty much anything she likes, whenever she likes.

You know, I’ve heard people talk about how good it is to finally submit in a relationship and I think that this must be how it feels. I know now how it works – the cat is in charge, she will do as she likes, I will serve her. She must be delighted I’ve finally figured it out after 17 and a half years.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Warm Springs
Pose | [Quixotica] Casual Pose Set 1 with stool (Quixotica Marketplace)
Watch | **RealEvil** ReVoX Aviator Watch M/F (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Boots | Wonton: Owen Military Zip Boots (Wonton Mainstore)
Dress | Blueberry Sophia Dress Update* (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Necklace | [Cynful] Coax Necklace – March 2017 Group Gift (Cynful Mainstore)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Luka Hair – Bayalage HUD (Hairology, 10-30 Mar)
Tights | Avanti Eva Tights (Avanti Mainstore)


So, Blueberry have updated and re-released the Sophia Dress. It now has some lovely metallic colours extra in the fatpack too. It’s always been a great dress and I’m not sure what she’s done to it, but it fits like the proverbial glove. If you already bought this dress, this is what you do:
1- Locate your Sophia Dress folder.
2- Pull your inventory and locate it close to your avatar, wear the dress and keep the folder open. Take a screen shot.
3- Make a notecard with this title – “Your Name – Sophia Dress Update”
4 – Put your screenshot in it and send it to Blueberryxx Resident or Sophia Harlow.

Cynful have brought out a cute group gift for March. I bet you already have it, don’t you, you minx? If you don’t visit the store and join the group for future gifts. The necklace comes with fitted versions for the mesh bodies (so useful) and a HUD to allow you to change chain and pearl colours. Thank you Cynful!

KoKoLoReS’s hair at Hairology – Luka – is a casual and funky style sure to set your outfits alight. I used the bayalage HUD this time and suggest you get yourself over to Hairology before it ends on the 30th.

Here’s some more pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…


Finally, we have to test this re-issued dress and necklace fitted to the body and hair that claims to stay neat with a real shake em up dance. Let us get our funky groove on.




6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | And now for the news

  1. Goes off to look at Eclipse mag… woo hoo, that was great! Nice to get featured in a mag instead of just writing the features (I had 5 middle sized articles to write for LTD for the March/April issue and it took ages, whinge moan) . I will try and get there on April 1st so I can joke with you and Kess *laughs* on such a day it’ll be too good to miss – I promise to be good! I’ll join the Inworld group, too.

  2. ‘… I do a lot of cleaning and telling her she’s great and she goes peepee poopoop anywhere she likes.’ … that caused me to laugh out loud! Aren’t cats great? I love that saying ‘people have dogs, cats have people’ (:

    1. Haha, omg that’s so very true. I witnessed her peeing issue this morning. She had her front two and one of her back legs in the litter tray and the fourth one she stuck out behind her, elegantly like a ballet dancer – and for some strange reason the pee shot out the back like a cannon all over the floor. I’ve no idea how to approach solving that one 😀

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